Prayer Mother Makes Her Dead Live Again

Previously I've written about the enormity of Prayer Prayer of Jonah and the enormity of the Prophet Moses. This time I will write about the enormity of the prayers of a mother for her child is dead, and the boy back to life. I got this story in the book ad-Da'wah Mujab written by Imam al-Hafiz Ibn Abi Ad-Dunya vol.

From Anas ibn Malik radi anhu, he recalled:

One day we visited a young man from the Ansar (Medina) who are seriously ill. We did not leave his side until his death. Then we spread the cloth for menuntupi face. His mother, who was weak and old was beside her head. Then we turned to him as he comforted her by saying, 'Hope reward from Allah for the calamity that happens'.

'Is my son dead?', Asked the old lady.

"Yes," we replied.

'Is it true what you say?', He asked.

'Yeah, right', we replied.

Then the old lady reached out her hand to the sky and said, 'O Allah, You know that I surrender to thee and thy emigrated to the Apostle, in the hope that you willing to help me in any trouble. O God, do not take this tragedy inflicted on me today. "

Then opened the cover off that we have to close the young man. Not long after, we eat food with him.

Miraculously, the young man back to life.

What are the lessons of this story?

First, this story gives testimony to the enormity of the effect of a mother's prayer shalihah. Prayer prayer of parents to their children as the Prophet to his people. Feel free to always ask for the prayers of parents.

Second, this story motivate us to continue to pray. Never stop praying. Do not wonder why our prayers have not been fulfilled. If Allah swt 'not' to answer our prayers, then we've got two rewards: the reward of praying and patiently wait for the reward of Allah's decision. No prayers were not answered. Allah grant our prayers according to our needs and appropriate at the time we need.

Third, this story motivates us to continue to strengthen belief in God. Yes, complete faith in Allah, the Giver of Life, that He will always be with pace of our lives. Confidence like this is not going to grow in the heart of someone who does not believe in the omnipotence of Allah swt. Beliefs such as these will not be born from the heart heedless of Allah swt. That is a heart full of prayer and hope to God, a heart full of love for God, a heart that is always trying his straight on the road. Owner hearts like this will always be helped by Allah swt. just as he did to the old woman.

We often feel discouraged and swayed with the trials of life. That's because we do not have complete faith in Allah swt. that He will help us. Could be, little hearts we say that the reason is because we are less close to him over the years.

If we are always trying to get closer to Allah and worship Him fix, then rest assured he will provide a way out at all our troubles.
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