Optimize indexing with google webmaster tools

Optimize indexing with google webmaster tools

Google Webmaster Tools is tools from google that use for comunicated two-ways between google and us as webmaster.

With Google Webmaster Tools indexing process can be optimized. So your site can be easier indexed by google, with the meaning ( easier index = more SEO trick at your site )

For example :

Site with nice and SE Optimized content but the webmaster put thet nice and SE Optimized content too deep from main page.

For Illustration ( Home Page -> Category (ex : SEO ) -> Catalog ->Product and SEO trick  ) .

It`s hard for google to index it, and if google can index it may it will take a long time then indexed.

So we need Google Webmaster Tools help with their tools

Google Sitemap
Sitemap is URL list of a website. Have a function for google easier indexing / crawl url inside that sitemap. So thats deep contents can be crawler from sitemap.

First make your sitemap file or if you use self-hosted wordpress there are lot plugins thet will make your sitemap.

Then submit your sitemap url ( ex : wantedtext.com/sitemap.xml ) at google webmaster sitemap tools.

Find your site problem may web crawl problem ( errors and problems encountered by Google’s crawlers while accessing pages on your site ),

or mobile crawl problem ( errors and problems encountered by Google’s crawlers while accessing pages on your site created specifically for viewing on mobile cell phones ).

And there is content analysis tools ( See potential problems with site metadata, such as title and meta description information ) at Google Webmaster Tools.

See statistic of your site by Google Webmaster Tools there are many tools here like :

Top Search Queries ( See which search queries most often returned pages from your site, and which of them were clicked )

Crawl stats (  info for your site, including the current PageRank for pages on your site )

Subscriber stats ( If your site publishes feeds of its content, this page will display the number of users who have subscribed to these feeds using Google products )

What google sees ( See details about how the Googlebot sees your site )

Index stats ( Learn how your site is indexed by Google, including which pages are indexed, and which other sites point to your site )

See pages with internal links, pages with external links, Sitelinks from Google Webmaster Tools.

There many tools can be use for SEO and faster indexing at Google Webmaster Tools like :

analyze robots.txtgenerate robots.txt, enhance 404 pages, manage site verification, remove URLs, Gadget .


And at Google Webmaster Tolls setting, you can set geographic target for your site,

Preferred domain to display your site use www or not, image search to include  site in Google Image Labeler,

Crawl rate to set speed / rate of crawler to index your site

Wow there are lot tools at Google Webmaster Tools with the perfect function to help you for SEO and easier indexing

Try Google Webmaster Tools now but you must have google acount and verify your site ( this tools can found at Google Webmaster Tools -> Tools -> Manage Site Verification )

Oh… this is a long content about best webmaster tools Google Webmaster Tools. Thanks for reader and comment …

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