Fact History of the Islamic Crescent and Star Emblem

The use of symbols star moon occurs after Sultan Memet (Muhammad) II conquered Constantinople in 1453.
Christians have the symbol of the cross, the Jews have the Star of David, and Islam synonymous with crescent and star five-dimensional. It was not afdhol if at the top of the dome or minaret no star rating. Nobody will deny that they are associated as a symbol of Islam. But, where did it come from?

The use of symbols moon star associated with the Ottoman Empire in Turkey, or better known as the Ottoman Empire. Usman became the ruler of the Islamic dynasty in 36 generations, more than six centuries (1299-1922). Otherwise known as Usman Usman Adfa I did not do with the Caliph Usman bus Affan RA. Usman is the founder of this empire. His father, Urtugul, a tribal chief and local authorities, such Demag in Java.

As the wandering tribes of Central Asia for centuries, by the Seljuk sultanate in Anatolia he was given region on the border with Byzantium. passage of time and the weakening of the empire Seljuk, Usman territory declared independence in 1299.

Usage symbols star moon occurs after Sultan Mehmet (Muhammad, red) II, sultan-7, conquered Constantinople in 1453, the capital of the Eastern Roman or Byzantine empire known. Superpower that moment that establishes Christianity as the official religion of the State.It is a symbol of the moon and stars. Mehmet II adopted the symbol of Constantinople to the Ottoman flag. Name was changed to Istanbul Constantinople.Previous flag Ottoman only isosceles triangle are collapsed, which line both sides of the curved legs. Red flag. After the conquest of Constantinople, in the middle of the flag was added to the moon and star white. In 1844. Ottoman flag rectangular shape change.

The flag was modified again in 1922, which was then set in the constitution in 1936, after the Ottoman fall, became the flag as it is used by the modern Turks. Sickle moon and stars become more slender. Previous looked more plump but still basically a red color, as well as in the star images remain white.

PAGAN AND CHRISTIANThere is no record that explains the original name of the city of Istanbul to the Greeks gave the name of Byzantium 667 BC. The name was referenced from the name of a character in Greek mythology, the Byaz. As a pagan, Greek gives crescent moon symbol for the city dedicated to their god, goddess Artemis (goddess Diana) the crescent moon symbol.

They conquered the city by the light of the moon and other records mentioned that the crescent moon is a symbol of Goddess Tnit (Carthagian, Nation Phoenioc).Crescent symbol retained when the city was taken by the Romans in 330 AD Emperor Constantine City name changed to Nova Rome (New Rome) and became the capital of the Roman, moved from Rome in Italy (in 395, the Romans broke into the Western Roman and Byzantine).

But the king After Constantine's death, the city was known as Constantinople (the city of Constantine). Namus emperor add a star symbol in the middle. Stars named as a symbol of the holy virgin mother Mary. Yet another note to mention that the star symbol referenced from the symbol goddess Ishtar (star = star words in the English language is taken from the name of the goddess). 

Another note to mention that the two symbols that have been used ancient Turks. This is evidenced by the discovery of artifacts depicting the star rating. Even mentioned that the symbol was also used in Sumeria. The symbol was kemudia absorbed Turks when they pass through the valley was on its way from Central Asia - a region believed to be the origin of the Turks - towards Anatolia.

While the Ottoman legend says that the symbols are taken from dreams Usman I. dream that happened long before he became king. Spiritual adviser says that the dream was a sign of his greatness his name in the future.Which is correct? Until now there has been no conclusive studies about this. However, the Ottoman State was the first to use the symbol.

BLACK THAT SIMPLEThen, if the original symbol of Islam? Prophet Muhammad SAW and KhulafaurRasyidin (632-661) never makes provision for that. The Qur'an did not ever talk about it. Historical evidence suggests that at the time of the Prophet there is only war flag pennants very simple with one color: black, white, or green. In 'State of Medina' in the days of the Caliphate which four have symbols such as the flag rectangular black berwara.Hjitam rectangular flag colors are also used in the Damascus Umayyad dynasty (660-750) and Cordoba (929-1010), and the Abbasid dynasty in Baghdad (750-1258) and in Cairo (1261-1517). Only Fatimid caliphate in Cairo (909-1171) using the green flag.If we look at, all the dynasties which uses a very simple symbol, it's just a plain color and without drawing, writing or other marks, are the origin of the bloody dynasty that the land of Hijaz. While the Islamic kingdoms such as Ottoman, Seljuk, Malmuk, Moghul, and keajaan-Islamic empire archipelago has a flag with a picture.

NOT be sorryThe question is, whether the use of the symbol should be stopped because it is not born of the Islamic tradition? Apparently, the poll results via the Internet by a site yag still a group with The York Times, stated that 39% still want to use the symbol. Far left second and third: calligraphy (18%), and the Kaaba (15%).In addition, as the Muslim scholar Prof. Dr. Azyumardi Azra, in the Islamic tradition in star symbols are very dominant in the field of astronomy as well as Islam. In the Islamic calendar month basis astronomical calculations. So the moon as a symbol, not the sun. The things that are of worship such as prayer, fasting preliminary determination, and Eid also use the moon as a benchmark. Therefore in Islam as Qomariyah years, which means moon. Not Syamsiyah (sun).While the theory that the moon symbol star is born of Greek and Roman just speculation. Unlike the Islamic tradition is very strong with the moon. Moreover, the moon star symbol has been universally accepted.

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