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May be you already heard the name of google webmaster tool. It is another google's free service/tool for the people who own a site or who own a blog. Owner of a site might have an interest for which keywords they are receiving traffic, which types of keyword they appear in google search engine including with many more features in their website or web blog. Google webmaster tool is perfect tool for that.

Before going into configure of google webmaster tool for your blog let's have a look at what this service can offer to us.
The Services offered by google webmaster tool
1)Submit sitemap(a list of pages of a web site accessible to crawlers) of your website. The purpose is to order google to crawl your site.

2)Disable crawler access. If you don't appear to list your site inside search engine then use a robots.txt file to specify how search engines should crawl your site's content.

3)Sitelinks. Google automatically links the interior pages within your website. However you can remove automatically generated sitelinks.

4)It also let you the option to target specific geographic area to improve search result for geographic queries.

5)You can setup your preferred domain(domain name with www. or without it) as well as crawl rate of your website.

6)You can see top searched queries and your page position of the queries. Also you can monitor the click activity to your pages through those searches.

7)To find the lists of external pages that link to your site.

8)List internal pages that link to the site.

9)Subscriber statistics. How may subscribers subscribe your feeds.

10)Crawl errors and crawl statistics.

11)Any recommendation of page title tags, duplicate titles etc.

Now let's have a look at how you can setup google webmaster tool for your own blog so that you can see or monitor above statistics. If you have a blospot blog then it is very easy to setup from the blog itself. To do setup,
How to setup google webmaster tool for a blog
1)Sign in to Blogger using your Google Account.

2)Click the Customize link. On top you will see the the Blogger Dashboard link, click dashboard.

3)In the lower of your dashboard page, under Tools and Resources, click Webmaster Tools.

4)Then just click "Enable Webmaster Tools" and you are done.

However if you have site rather than your blog then do following.
How to setup google webmaster tool for a website
1)Go to You will be asked your google account user name and password. Provide that.

2)If it is ok then you are entered into google webmaster tools homepage. Click on the button "Add a site" , type your url and press Continue button.

3)You can then see the verification metatag. In fact you can verify your site by two ways, either by metatag or by html. You can a simple example to do that. Follow that and after setup your site as per direction click verify link.

You are done! Enjoy the statistics and reports.
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