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       Howto change CPU frequency on RB532A 04.05.09

Here’s a quick video showing how to change CPU frequency on RouterBOARD 532A from 266MHz to 400MHz in BIOS during the boot sequence.
CLICK RouterOS 3.x release with the longest lifetime in 2008 
During the year 2008 a total of 18 RouterOS 3 versions were released, from 3.0 to 3.17. So which one had the longest lifetime, which was the most stable release? Read on to find out.

CLICK RouterBOARD 433UAH announced 

New router board was just announced, and it’s  featuring two USB ports! Basically it’s an expanded version of the well-known RouterBOARD 433AH.

CLICK MikroTik RouterOS 3.23 released 

Lots of improvements and bufixes in the new RouterOS 3.23:
*) fixed installation on fresh disks or VMs;
*) add 802.1ad Service Tag support for VLAN;
*) wireless - fix for RTS/CTS when used together with dynamic ACK timeout;
*) serial ports are now grouped per USB device;
*) added gsm info command to ppp-client;
*) added URL support to fetch tool;
*) added dial-on-demand mode to PPTP & L2TP clients;
*) ssh - now non-interactive console commands can reference variables;
*) fixed TFTP server logging;
*) fixed problem - “/system upgrade” (autoupgrade) did not show proper package
architecture and was unable to fetch new packages;
*) fixed bug - hotspot ‘walled garden ip’ rules did not work on some boards
after reboot;
*) added ‘/interface print stats’ command;
*) improved support for OSPF as PE-CE routing protocol;
*) added OSPF sham links;
*) fixed a bug in set-bgp-prepend-path routing filter;
*) fixed some MPLS TE reoptimize bugs;
*) added MPLS TE bandwidth management features;
*) netwatch - ignore items with interval 0s, this value was causing
netwatch to fail;
*) routing-test - added new type of gateway argument: ip address together with interface;
*) api - ‘disabled’ property was not available from api since 3.21, fixed;
*) api - added support for retrieving OID values;
*) api - removed special behaviour of ‘find’ command under API. Use
‘print’ command with queries instead of ‘find’. This change fixes
scripts that are started from API and contain ‘find’ command.
*) console - removed support for octal numbers, now string of digits with
a leading zero is interpreted as decimal number;
*) console - added binary ~ operator that matches value against
POSIX extended regular expression;
*) console now accepts decimal numbers with k/K M G T P suffixes for
values of some properties;
*) console - fixed export problems:
if long line is wrapped just before space charater, the space character
has to be escaped, otherwise it is lost;
errors during export generated a comment line that was incorrectly enclosed
in quotes;
*) console - added binary ~ operator that matches value against
POSIX extended regular expression;
*) scheduler - added owner and policy properties; all existing
scheduler entries will get owner name “*sched” and policy
*) routing-test - allow to specify that route gateway is in the main routing table;
*) added route cache statistics;
*) fixed mesh protocol;
*) graphing - fixed IP address mask display issue for low endian architectures;

CLICK MikroTik RouterOS 4.0 beta2 released 

RouterOS 4.0 beta2 just came out, here’s what’s new:
*) console: added ‘without-paging’ argument to ‘monitor’ commands;
*) console: now ‘without-paging’ and ‘interval’ arguments in of ‘print’
commands work together. Printing can be stopped by pressing ‘q’ or
ctrl-c, any other key triggers printing;
*) incorporated all the bugfixes since v3.22;

CLICK MikroTik Certified Integratetor (MCI) 

MikroTik company,  Mikrotīkls Ltd, just announced a new program for approved companies who build systems for RouterOS or make accessories for MikroTik products. Program is named MCI - MikroTik Certified Integrators, and the certified products will be recognisable by the “Powered by MikroTik” stickers.

CLICK MikroTik RouterOS 3.22 released 

RouterOS version 3.22 was released today with some new features:
*) added advanced switch features for RB450G;
*) added support for MetaROUTER on RB450G;
*) added support for adding physical interfaces to Metarouters;
*) added set-bgp-prepend-path action to routing filters;
*) added WinBox OSPFv3 support to routing-test package;
*) added WinBox IPv6 routes support to routing-test package;
*) console - added ‘hide-sensitive’ option to the export command;
*) user manager - fixed customer remove interface bug;
*) fixed Cisco BGP VPLS autodiscovery in mpls-test package;
*) fixed LDP to not disconnect on unknown capabilities of remote
peer (should help establish LDP session with Junos);
*) fixed ethernet port name reordering on RB493;
*) bonding mode balance-alb now works on RB1xx, RB4xx, RB616, RB600, RB750,
*) added ‘/interface ethernet print stats’ command for RB450G and RB750;
*) fixed CSPF in routing-test to properly interpret link bandwidth;
*) added support for C-motech CNU-680 CDMA 1x EV-DO 450Mhz USB Modem;

CLICK RouterBOARD 1000 encryption engine boosted with RouterOS 3.20 

RouterBOARD 1000 comes with an onboard encryption engine, however RouterOS releases before version 3.20 couldn’t use it’s full potential. Now the 3.20 software puts the encryption hardware into full use thus providing a fantastic 11 times speedup with 3DES encryption and 6,5 times speedup when using AES128 encryption!
MikroTik  testing results state the following:
AES128: 79Mbps
3DES: 45Mbps
AES128: 510Mbps
3DES: 500Mbps

CLICK MikroTik RouterOS 3.21 released 

Version 3.21 brings a lot of fixes and few improvements:
*) backported MetaROUTER support for RB4xx from v4;
*) added WinBox MPLS & VPLS support mpls-test package;
*) added WinBox BGP support to routing-test package;
*) api - added query support for ‘print’ command;
*) added support for bsd-syslog;
*) added TFTP server;
*) added authorization and TLS support to email tool;
*) added pppoe-scanner;
*) added tftp protocol support to fetch tool;
*) fixed ipsec policy priority to work as documented;
*) fixed BGP route selection in routing package;
*) allow to use IPsec aggressive mode with pre-shared keys;
*) fixed some problems in mesh protocol;
*) fixed https proxying with parent proxy;
*) fixed Prism shared IRQ issue;
*) fixed multiple MPLS/VPLS bugs in mpls-test;
*) fixed boot problems on some RB1000s;
*) added /interface mesh traceroute command;
*) fixed web proxy source address selection;
*) fixed pcq queue - pcq sometimes could get through more traffic
than specified in max-limit;

CLICK RouterBOARD 450G announced 

New MikroTik RouterBOARD 450G was announced, featuring five Gigabit ethernet ports, 256MB RAM, microSD card slot and powerful  Atheros AR7161 680MHz CPU. 
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