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Today I want to introduce you to someone I’ve known since I started article marketing. She’s someone who’s been working really hard and always impressed me with her consistency.
She keeps on going and her income keeps on increasing. This isn’t a quick way to riches, but it works, if you’re ready to put in the work. Her name is Ingrid Palmer, a mom, a grandmother and an overall awesome person.
1. Tell us a little about who Ingrid Palmer is. Where you grew up. Your family. Your life and so on, whatever you feel comfortable sharing.
I grew up in Kingston, Jamaica and spent most of my life there.  Went to high school and college.  I have two children; a son 28 and a daughter 22.  I also have a granddaughter who is 4. Very beautiful.
She is one of the inspirations for me trying to do more for my family.  I am happily married and have been for many, many years.  I currently reside in Miami, Florida, however planning on returning home to Jamaica in another year or so.  And will certainly be doing more affiliate marketing.

2. How did you choose a method for making money online? How did you find article marketing and what made you choose it?
I came to the US in the year 2000 with very little money and no job.  I was fortunate to find a job after two months.  I started my online search as I was tired of working for other people.  I am a very hard and dedicated worker and was always given big responsibilities because of my work ethic.
My first 3 or so years online was spent chasing scams.  I took part in so many scams that I could write a book.  I took a break from the internet as I thought it was a waste of time.  But because of my desire to have my own business I could not give up the idea.  So I started searching again
I really had no idea what affiliate marketing was.  I thought it was like MLM where you had to recruit people and build downlines and I did not want to do that at all.   I found several affiliate marketing membership sites which I joined however I did not know anything about building a website or how to get traffic or find keywords.  I continued searching until I came across a company called Jadeion which is now Affiliate Article Writers.
What attracted me to Affiliate Article Writers was the fact that they build a presell site for you and teach you how to write the articles and provided you with keywords.   With this system you could start making money quickly.  They actually hold you by the hand and help you take your first steps.
That was it I was hooked.  Affiliate Article Writers paved the way for me to begin making money online.  However it is a learning process that takes time and effort to see real result.
3. What kind of obstacles did you run into when you first started making an income online and how did you overcome them? A lot of people get frustrated when they do not see results immediately. Talk a little about how you were able to persist and become one of the few that make more than $100 a month online.
My biggest obstacle was that everyone told me to build a website and get traffic.  How you do that I had no idea.  I tried building several websites, but never got anywhere.  I just did not know how to start.  Then I heard about article marketing, writing articles and submitting them to Article Directories.  That to me was the easy part.  Finding a niche, doing keyword research and building a website was the tough part for a beginner, like me.
After I got into the habit of writing and submitting articles I began searching for methods to scale up my efforts and getting more traffic.  So I learnt about building squidoo lenses.  This method is taught very thoroughly and simply by One Week Marketing.  That is also another great way to begin online as you can use this method to make money without spending much.  It is very newbie-friendly and will help you get started on the right path.
4. How much money are you making right now and how long did it take you to get there? Share whatever number you are willing to share. The more specific the better, but only as long as you feel comfortable.
I am making a little over $1,000 currently.  It took me about 14 months to get to where I am at right now.  I know that I can triple that with just a bit more effort and when I quit my day job which I will be doing this year.
5. What are some of the common mistakes you see new article marketers make? Why do they fail and what separates you from the pack?
New affiliate marketers fail because they tend to take on too much at once.  Going after every shiny things that come their way and not doing one project and then moving on to the next.  I was guilty of this for a long time.
Learn a system and then duplicate it.  Write as many articles as possible, this is the best way of getting traffic.  I don’t know that I am different, I am just determined that this must work for me.  I have no alternative.
It is also very important to have a daily plan to track your work, without this you will be all over the place and not accomplish much.
6. How do you use article marketing? What is your process? How do you use keywords? Where do you send the traffic?
I use article marketing to get traffic to my website so they can buy whatever product I am selling.  I make my articles informative giving genuine information or advise so people will be interested in purchasing what I am selling.
Building trust with people can make the difference in whether you succeed or fail.  Long term success is what is important.
7. It’s easy to run into plateaus and fear when you’ve run out of the initial motivational burst that happens in the beginning. How did you keep on going through this? What is your secret to writing articles consistently?
Yes I have come upon the occasional road blocks. However my determination comes from knowing this system works and that the only way to success is not to give up.  I have to make this work as I have no other choice and I am extremely tired and fed up of having a boss.
This is my main motivation.  The thought of handing in that resignation is so stimulating to me it drives me to work harder.  Every time I think about my job and how much time I have to spend in an office is motivation enough for me.
I write articles daily. The secret is that there is no secret. I know that the more I write, the more sales I make.  Sometimes it is slow but that is the nature of this business.
8. I’ve talked to you a little bit and you’ve said that you want to make a living online. How are you going to do this? What are your plans?
I plan to continue selling the products that I am currently selling through Affiliate Article Writers and also build blogs around these and many other products.
I also think I have gained quite a bit of knowledge that I can one day impart to other aspiring affiliate marketers to try to help them not to make the mistakes I made.
9. Do you think making money online requires a special trait or talent? Or do you think anyone can do it? What advice would you give someone just starting out?
Making money online does not require a special trait per se, however it takes discipline.  What is required is hard work, consistency, the ability to learn new things regularly.  You must have an action plan in place without a plan it will not work.
I was sadly lacking in putting a plan in place and until I did I was just all over the place.  With a daily plan I accomplish more tasks each day.   Affiliate marketing is not an overnight thing.  It takes months to begin to see results.   And then you have to scale it up.  You have to take what you learn and personalize it, make it your own.
A lot of new affiliate marketers give up when they do not see immediate result.  Especially when they see everyone else make thousands monthly, then you begin to wonder if something is wrong with you.
Or you begin to ask yourself if this is right for you?   I know how frustrating it can be but you must be patient and do a little each day.  It will come together with practice.  And trying to learn from too many different people can become quite confusing too because each person has their own method.  You have to eventually develop your own set of skills.
10. How can someone learn to write faster and get more articles done? What are your strategies for writing more articles in less time?
The key to writing more articles faster is first to do your research on the topic you are writing about.  Once you have a good knowledge and good facts on the topic you can write a good quality information rich article in 15 or twenty minutes.   Writing to me now is like talking to a friend.  I write my articles as if I was answering an email.
As long as you are able to provide quality information your articles will eventually make you sales.  Give and you shall certainly get.
A huge thank you to Ingrid for doing this interview, and if you’re interested in diving deeper into article marketing, check out my article marketing guide (it comes with hand-holding).
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