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hack anyone's online email account.I have provided download details in the post below.

What is a Keylogger???

If you are a noob and don't know what keylogging is all about, then read this section.

Using keylogger Builder, you can create a "server" file. You have to send this file to your friend and make him run this server file on his computer. Once he runs your file on his computer, server installs itself in background and starts monitoring all typed keystrokes on his computer. Also, server starts sending all these typed keystrokes to you in your mailbox. Since, these keystrokes contain victim's passwords, you are able to see those passwords and you can easily hack your friend's email accounts.

How to use UD Simple Keylogger:

1. Download UD Keylogger to hack email account password.
Password: (Since this is my first release, I am not encrypting password).

2. Run the Builder.exe file on your computer to see:

Simple keylogger to hack friends email account

3. Enter information as follows:

Username: Your Gmail id where you want to receive your friend's passwords.
Password: Your Gmail password.
Interval: The time span (in minutes) between two emails. The minimum value is 5. You can set it to whatever you want.

4. After completing step 3, hit on "Test Mail" to check whether you have entered correct login information. After you get a message like "Your Gmail works", hit on "Build" to get the server - "done.exe" file. It will be created in your current directory.

Note: Here, "done.exe" is our server file.

Scan report:

Virus scan report

As you can see, the server is currently 4/10 and is undetectable to Kaspersky, AVG and Avast which are popular AVs. If you want to make this FUD (Fully UnDetectable), use Crypter software or refer my articles in Undetection Techniques section.

5. You have to send this done.exe file to your friend and make him run this file on his computer. You can use Binder to bind this server file to any other .exe file.

6. Once he runs your file on his computer, you will start receiving all his keystrokes in your mailbox as shown:

That's it friends. Since, these keystrokes contain passwords too, you can now easily hack your friends online email accounts.

Bugs and desired improvements:

1. This keylogger records 90% accurate keystrokes. Also, it is having problems with special characters.
2. It is UD and not FUD.
3. Requires more features like add to startup, melt, injection.

These are the features which I will be adding in second version of this keylogger ie Simple Keylogger v 2.0

If you have any other feature suggestion, please leave your feedback in comments.

Note: Your antivirus may go mad after creation of "done.exe" file. Don't worry, it is not a virus, but a hacktool and hence detectable to antiviruses. It is recommended to use Deep Freeze software to prevent your computer from any possible harm.

Credits: This keylogger is designed and recoded by me. I would like to thank Soul Collector for his valuable help and source.

So friends, this was all about UD Simple Keylogger. I will be back with more stable second version of this Simple Keylogger. If you have any problem in using thisUD Simple Keylogger,please mention it in comments.

Enjoy Hacking... 

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