Climbing the Social Media Mountain "Social Media Marketing"

Many companies have begun to test Social Media Marketing with blogging, Facebook and even Twitter, acquiring a few hundred fans, friends and followers. But are they truly driving results?

Many companies begin social media marketing tactics, but few have the experience and results that TopRank Online Marketing has achieved for its clients and itself over the past 6 years.
TopRank's Online Marketing Blog is now respected as one of the leading marketing blogs on the internet by the likes of Advertising Age and we leverage our first-hand social media marketing knowldege for the benefit of clients like an online puzzles website with a 300% plus increase in site traffic and a B2B Marketing Automation Software company with a 500% plus increase in organic search traffic after working with our Social Media SEO program.
TopRank can help your company climb the social media mountain by first developing a SMMO (Social Media Marketing & Optimization) strategy. Next, we work with you to identify desired outcomes - i.e.  inquiries, traffic/page views, sales, reputation, influence, credibility, measures of engagement.
Once we understand the desired objective, we choose tactics wisely, while cognizant of what actions will influence the desired outcome with the most impact.
Social Media Process

Social Media Marketing is characterized by communities that allow users to do many or all of the following:
  • Create profiles/accounts
  • Grow a network of colleagues/friends
  • Collaborate with other community members
  • Submit content
  • Vote on content
  • Tag content
  • Comment on content
The 'media' in social media refers to the platform as well as the content. For example:
  • Blog Marketing
  • Social Network (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus)
  • Wiki
  • News
  • Bookmark
  • Forum
  • Discussion thread and text
  • Image
  • Audio
  • Video
With the plethora of social media options, TopRank Online Marketing ensures that you tackle the right channels with the right content. From social media monitoring for conversation tracking to dashboard management of social content promotion to social media analytics, TopRank is capable of helping your company navigate the fast changing world of the social web to help your company improve customer relationships and increase sales.
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