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Lock your Position!!! New Launch 5x5 Matrix‏
What is ZingBizPRO?
Real Products • Real Opportunity • Real Payouts
• Personalized Business Profiles
• Your own Personal VIDEO CHANNEL
• Video Conferencing
• Video Email with Custom Skins
• Media Storage with embeddable options
• Video and text CHAT ROOMS
• Commissions for Matrix growth
• E-wallet for payouts and payments
• Much Much More...
Prelaunch !!!! Invitational Only!!!
It's About Time!

ZingBizPro is the most exciting development in marketing tools and online communications to hit the internet ever! The Toolbar will become my right hand to connect with my most used sites. The Broadcasting Channel is VERY exciting and has features unavailable anywhere else at ANY price! This will be a real asset to me, both from a business standpoint and for personal communications! Every business and marketing professional on the planet will want these types of tools and features.

Well if you read the entire message on the site or have watch the video than there is clearly mentioned that they will provide us art of the state tools for our online business which will be automated in which they will provide us video channel for uploading unlimited videos related to our business or family videos, they will provide us the video emailing system, they will provide us eresponder which will automate our relation with our customers and friends and family alongwith that this will work just like matrix in which we will earn commissions from our referrals and for that when site will launch we will pay $19.95 for all above mentioned services and for our residual income from our referrals. So right now when site is under development and not launched yet we have th eoppurtunity to make referrals because people are unaware about it and just newbie like me have made 67 referrals in just a week only. One more thing the matrix will go deep into 9 levels and have 5 pillars in it. So this is the best coming money making oppurtunity which will also give some amazing marketing tool to us also

Pre-register today at NO COST!
Level People Commission Total Commission
1 5 $1 $5
2 25 $1 $25
3 125 $1 $125
4 625 $1 $625
5 3125 $5 $15625
Total Potential Income per Matrix $16405
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