Facebook Apps for Managing Money Online

Millions of people visit Facebook every day to get status updates and news from friends. Did you know you can also track the status of your personal finances? Read on to learn about money management applications on Facebook. Be sure to manage money safely on Facebook. Fees may apply to complete some transactions, so check with PayPal or your bank.

1. MyMoney

Screenshot by Shelley Elmblad
MyMoney allows you to use Facebook to view account balances, transfer money between accounts, and access transaction histories. At the time this was written, only 30 banks worked with MyMoney, but the app lets you request that your bank be added.

MyMoney is from Fiserv, a leader in secure electronic financial services.

2. PayPal Send Money

Use PayPal with Facebook.Screen Shot by Shelley Elmblad
Use your PayPal balance or bank account associated with your PayPal account to send money while using Facebook. Money can be sent to just about anyone with an email address, and the receiver securely logs in on the PayPal site to collect the payment.

This app connects you directly to PayPal, where you log in to your account.

3. Smart Saver (UK)

Use Smart Saver on Facebook to manage savings goals.Screen Shot by Shelley Elmblad
Use Smart Saver to let Facebook friends know what your savings goals are and how much you have saved so far. If your friends want to chip in to help boost your savings, they can do so using PayPal or they can make a pledge and give you the cash later in person.

This app is from Lloyds TSB, a U.K. financial institution. An account with Lloyds TSB is not required to use the Smart Saver app, but a PayPal account is.
Smart Saver Facebook App

4. Tax Refund Calculator from TaxBrain

Tax Refund Calculator Facebook app.Copyright© 2002-2010 Petz Enterprises, Inc.
Use Tax Refund Calculator to find out to get an idea of what your income tax refund will be this year, or how much you will owe in taxes. Answer a few questions to have your income tax refund or amount owed calculated for you.

5. H&R Block Tax Calculator and Social Life Simulator

H&R Block on Facebook adds a social component to calculating taxes.H&R Block Tax Services
HRB Digital LLC
H&R Block adds a social component to calculating the amount of your tax refund or tax bill. If you're getting a refund, use this Facebook app like a bank account to buy virtual gifts for friends or for yourself.

6. FreeCreditReport.com on Facebook

OK, so this isn't really an app for managing money, but the guys in the FreeCreditReport.com band from the TV commercials are fun. Check out this Facebook page to view the commercials, download ring tones, share ideas for future commercials and to get your credit report.Check Out Fr
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