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AdMedia has been providing state-of-the-art advertising solutions for advertisers and publishers since 2007. As an online advertising network, we are able to reach customers through various channels, including domain, email, search, and social media. Why go anywhere else?

Our goal is to deliver the best advertising services. We continue to find the most advanced solutions to keep up with fast-paced consumers and the ever-changing nature of the Internet. Whether you're an advertiser who wants to reach more customers, or a publisher who needs to earn extra revenue, AdMedia has the solution for you.

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Advertisers can choose from a wide range of services that cover pretty much every corner of the web. Our display ad network receives over 100 million impressions per day and delivers more than 11 billion local searches and 29 billion national searches per month.

How do we do it? Simple. Our extensive online ad network has the power to deliver the right ads at the right time and place.

Publishers on the other hand, can earn more revenue thanks to AdMedia's competitive rates. Monetize your traffic using AdMedia's various products. You're in the driver's seat when it comes to choosing how ads will appear on your page. We have ad units for websites of all sizes, colors, and types, and we can connect you to ads that are related to what your website is all about.

We are always thinking outside the box and we've pioneered high-quality ad units that engage users and make them more inclined to interact with ads.  Furthermore, our intelligent algorithms ensure that ads are only displayed on relevant websites, ensuring that users only see ads that they're actually interested in.

Our Thank You Emails and Thank You Offers reach users when they're in the mood to buy or shop, while our Remarketing technology effectively brings users back to your site and increases conversion rates by up to 125%.

Want to get more social with users? Check out our FooterRoll product that incorporates social media with ads. We also support interactive ad formats through our Overlay, PreRoll and MidRoll products, as well as our Intextual and Contextual ads.

Also check out our 404Bucks and DittoDomains products that enable you to monetize error pages and underdeveloped sites.

Signing up is extremely simple and takes minutes. Become a member of AdMedia's network and start making more money out of your products, services, or websites today!

Do you have questions or concerns? We're more than happy to address any issues and find the right solution for you. Give us a call or request for more information here.

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