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Bitcoin is an electronic currency created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. The name is also associated with open source software that he designed, and also uses peer-to - peer that connects everything. Unlike general currency, bitcoin does not depend on the trust major publishers. Bitcoin uses a distributed database and spread to nodes - nodes of a P2P network to journal transactions, and uses cryptography to provide functions - basic security functions, such as ensuring that bitcoin - bitcoin can only be spent by people have it, and should not be done more than once.


History What Bitcoin

The design of Bitcoin allows for ownership without identity ( anonymous ) and transfer of wealth. Bitcoin - bitcoin can be stored on a personal computer in a file format wallet or stored by a third party wallet service, and in spite of all that Bitcoin - bitcoin can be sent via the Internet to anyone who has a Bitcoin address. Topology peer-to - peer bitcoin and lack of a single administration makes it impossible for the authority, any government, to manipulate the value of bitcoin - bitcoin or cause inflation by producing more bitcoin.

In short bitcoin electronic currency that is based on the most recent technology and began to be preferred as a substitute for gold. Bitcoin itself is made from a combination of various technologies of cryptografi, economic and network to form a program that consists of a network of peer - to-peer solid and almost impossible to attack, technological or rather a new currency is called cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is ultimately serves as currency.

Based DailyDotCom use Bitcoin or cryptografi currency continues to increase dramatically. Year 2012 and the highest point of the transaction were achieved by reaching 58,000 transactions per day. Now after the new year Bitcoin transactions hold steady at the point of 50,000 transactions per day. Enthusiastic Internet users continue to use the Internet as a currency bitcoin purely digital. Even giants like WordPress is now accepting bitcoin currency in the provision of services. Based on Forbes alternative currency bitcoin become popular because of the ease of use, the system is decentralized and available access to all the main attraction in this currency.

Bitcoin itself even been rumored to be the main rival of the banking industry. Macleans said that unlike Bitcoin online currency that ever existed on the internet. Decentralized system means that the circulation of money can not be regulated by anyone. And just like cash money, bitcoin transactions occur directly from person to person without intermediaries so that the shipping cost is very minimal and these transactions occur without any constraints. Decentralized systems also maintain the security and privacy of the owner bitcoin currency bitcoin ensure that they can not be frozen by anyone. The use of bitcoin itself also continues to increase. Mt.Gox, the largest bitcoin exchanger show that they have done a bitcoin exchange with the dollar up to a fantastic point of $ 3 million dollars at the rate of 1 bitcoin to 13 dollars. Bitcoin future is forecast to continue to rise and will continue to grow bitcoin.

currency Bitcoin

Like any other currency Bitcoin has been used in many places such as :

  1. Trade in goods generally like Buy & Sell Forum : Bitmit. BitcoinMarketPlace.
  2. Bitcoin exchange with other currencies such as USD. Yen. Euro. etc. : mtgox. bitcoincharts.
  3. Forex using bitcoin : Bit4X. FirstNationaLib.
  4. Bitcoin wallet storage service providers. Functioning like a Paypal account. LR etc : BlockChain. CoinBase. WalletBit. I suggest to use connected all countries in the world.

To know more about bitcoin you can see in or

When this post was made 1 BTC price equal $ 1,016. not really big.

Now I will share how to get bitcoin for FREE. but before getting Bitcoin. you should have a place to store Bitcoin wallet that you get. To make bitcoin wallet. please follow these instructions dibawai :
  • Open LocalBitcoins site or click HERE.
  • Click Wallet.
  • If you want. you can change the language with the language you want.

Once you are logged in to the wallet that was created earlier, you will be given the address wallet as a means to receive and send bitcoin. Address your wallet in the form of a mixture of numbers and hutuf example: 1Cs5mZgNK4AYFVm5ddj4NLXMX52YDDNwqw .

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If you already have a bitcoin wallet, it is time I will share where you can get free bitcoin.

Hunting Bitcoin free :

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