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BIRTH OF A SALESMAN by Carson V. Heady is the only book of its kind to not only be a fantastic how-to book, better than anything I have ever read, but it doubles as a fictional story about the book-within-the-book's author.

The how-to sell portion is not like any other; it is laced with entertaining pop culture references and humor to keep it popping and, all the while, goes in-depth to the selling game. Heady uses actual scripting and verbiage and real-life scenarios to paint a picture for every occasion, talking about how to interview for the sales job, how to open a call or visit, fact-find, pitch, close, overcome...and even how to get promoted and how to manage people when you get there. He covers all the bases and clearly speaks from great experience.

On top of that, you get a fantastic story about a young man forging his mark on a corrupt division of a typical Corporate America-type company. The character - Vincent Scott - is a champion of the people and is reviled by the shady characters he stands up against. His horrible racist and dictator of a boss is the antagonist of the story, and, as it begins, he is under an ethics investigation prompted by the mutiny by the entire management team.

This is a must-read. Because it has the added elements of humor and fun and it doubles as a quality conspiracy fiction story about a realistic hero we can identify with, it is the greatest how-to-sell book in history.


I picked up Carson Heady's "Birth of a Salesman" not necessarily knowing what to expect. It was billed as a sales book within a book about the author's trials and tribulations and I thought - "wow, that's something that's never been done before, I'll give it a shot." I did. And it is fantastic.

What I liked most about it was that Vincent was the mortal hero. He is flawed, but so are all of us. He gave everything he had for the people that worked for him, never gave up, never relented, and despite everything it did to him.

I think we all wish we could be like him and do the things he did. And, for 338 pages, I felt like I could, too.

Plus, if someone reads this book and does not know how to sell afterwards, it's time to call it a career.


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