How Fast Researching and Finding Your Niche Domain Name Seo

How Fast Researching and Finding Your Niche Domain Name Seo, do you know the niche domain? please this may be useful to you, look for a niche domain accurately and quickly is he his ways, all for free.

Tools used are standard for keyword research is the Google Keyword Tool External. But there is an additional tool again in bulk domain search (search the domain name in large quantities in a single search).
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  • First, please go to the Google Keyword Tool External since this is the main research tool keywordnya. You can log in with a Google account or not. If logged in, then its more.

  • Research the keywords that you are looking for. But before you specify the location of the target market by clicking on the "Advanced Options". If you select a local Indonesian territorial and language as well as Indonesia. And vice versa, if overseas please select the appropriate targets. Use the word given quotes or quotes such as "how to make" and click "Search". Make sure the click on "Global Monthly Searches" to sort by most search.

Google Kayword External

Sort keywords

  • After appearing before the results do not need to be researched, but the results are downloaded to your computer by clicking the "Download" at the top of the CSV format that can be opened using Excel 2007 program is usually already in the computer. (Extract the zip file first).

Download keywords

Copy keywords

Then copy all the keywords by dragging from the top keywords to bottom
  • Open and select the tab "Bulk Domain Search". Paste the keywords that you copy from excel file earlier. Make sure the first option to search with a domain ending in dot com, if no new extension dot net or dot org. As much as possible do not use the suffix dot biz, dot us or dot info domains tend to be regarded as SPAM or malicious domain. bulk domain

  • Domains are available and can be registered domain names that dibold with black. If not available, try using another extension. Copy all the available domain names into notepad to be used as research material.

Copy and Register Domain Name 

Example Domain How Fast Researching and Finding Your Niche Domain Name Seo

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  • Check and research all keywords domain name is still available through the previously downloaded excel form such as the number of global searches (Global Monthly Search Volume), local search targets your keyword (Local Search Volume), search trends and estimated CPCnya if you plan to use for Adsense play.
  • After getting the domain and the target keywords is best fitted, please use the Google search engine to research how competitive those keywords. Use to local targets and to global targets. We recommend that you install the Google toolbar used to let me easily define the target Google.
  • Type in the keyword you with the option to use quotes or quotes to get the search results a competitor who played in the keyword you.
  • Select the rivalry between 200,000 and 500,000 search results. If below that would be great as long as the number of searchers still above 3000 / month and this is usually referred to as a micro niche. It is suitable for playing or selling affiliate products. If the above range mentioned above, the competition is very competitive but the number of search typically large in number.

  • Consider also competitors who are in the top ranking and optimize their research ranging from seo on page and off page seo. Please install seo quake to help research your competitors optimization.
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