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I'm selling Western Union , Bank and Paypal Transfers all over the world.I'm getting much stuff through spamming but also have a big experience in botnets etc.I've got 5 western union main computers data with the help of a strong botnet, Now i can change the info of a WU mtcn and can redirect any payment on any name. Simply I change the receiver name and country and payment goes to that person to whom i want to send.If anyone want to make big and instant money than contact me for deal.

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Info needed for WU transfers :-
1: Full name
2: Cell number (Not Necessary) 
3: City
4: Country
5: Valid email for sending you MTCN info etc

MTCN Will be ready for pick up in maximum 1hour after payment
Please Dont ask me for any test transfer

Info needed for Bank transfers :-

1: Bank name 
2: Bank address
3: Zip code 
4: Account Holder
5: Account number 
6: Account Type 
7: Routing number
8: Swift number 
9: BIC and IBAN 

Bank transfer will take maximum 6hour to show money in your bank account.
Price List For WU Transfer:$1400 Transfer = $200 Charges ( Payment BTC/PM)
$2000 Transfer = $300
$4000 Transfer = $450
$5000 Transfer = $550

Price List For Bank Transfer:
$1600 transfer = $250 Charges (Payment BTC/PM) 
$2500 Transfer = $350 Charges
$5000 Transfer = $600 Charges 
$10000 Transfer = $1000
$15000 Transfer = $1500


Yahoo : adm.jkwi.01@gmail.com

Selling : Bank,Western Union and Paypal Transfers .


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