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DoFollow is the latest way to spread link love to your readers and it is indeed growing rapidly. At first, I haven ‘t given much attention to the dofollow movement since eventhough you have spam blockers like Akisment installed, people can still spam your posts by leaving meaningful comments just to get backlinks. I am against this. This is why I have created the Dofollow Trackbacks plugin to share your link love only with the people who has found your post valuable enough to link it on their blog.

Although I have always told Wordpress users to increase their page rank value and the quality of seach engine optimization on their blogs, I highly encourage bloggers to share their link love with other bloggers. Other dofollow plugins like the ones from Semiologic & Kimmo Suominen, in my opinion, caused a new type of spam to erupt in the blog network. Even though many people do remove rel=”nofollow” in their links , you can not be sure if they are really intimate about sharing link love and deactivate the plugin later on.
Installation of Dofollow Trackbacks Plugin:
  1. Download the source file: thb-dofollow-trackback.phps
  2. Rename the file to thb-dofollow-trackback.php
  3. Upload it to your plugins folder
  4. Active the Dofollow Trackbacks Plugin on the plugin page
Dofollow Trackbacks I came up with this “U Trackback I Follow” image to post it on your webpage and please include a link to this post to encourage more people to remove rel=”nofollow” in their trackback links. You can save the image by right clicking and selecting save image as. Its pretty small (97 * 97), so it can easily fit in your sidebar.
For support or any other questions, please leave a comment on this page. I will return them as soon as possible.
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Nice plugin, thanks for sharing and supporting Do-follow...

Anonymous 03:47:00

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If you want, be one of the first to blog about it. I am sure you know how difficult it is getting visitors to a new site. Your help spreading the word would be greatly appreciated!


Anonymous 23:55:00

Excellent blog! This tutorial was very helpful. I’m thinking about installing this plugin on my blog.


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