Wordpress Membership Plugin

WP-member is a feature packed Membership Management Plugin for Wordpress so everyone turns Wordpress blog into a fully fledged member of the site that can accept payment by Paypal, Clickbank, and WorldPay.
WP members would modify Wordpress into fully automated membership site in minutes. WP members have many advanced features, but it is very easy to use. Once installed, you can create your own automated membership site management and work.
Included Features
Multiple Membership Levels
Membership site you can have different levels. So if you like “Silver” “Gold” and “Platinum”, you can! Now you can charge more for higher levels of access – all in the same blog.

With a simple integration of new or existing WordPress blog
Do you have a WordPress site, or if you start a new WP managing member is easy. After a few simple configuration steps will your blog be willing to get new members.
Flexible Membership Options
Each level can have a limited membership subscriptions. You can fill out monthly while a discount for annual subscription offer. Can you force a specific payment terms for each membership level, you can create a level of membership is available only to members who pay annually. Each entry can vary from 1 day to 24 years, you have the exact length of recurring subscription decision allows the full control individuals.
Page / Post Delay
Post Page or delay allows the user to the time delay (in days) before a member of the view that certain content, it allows site owners to develop courses with content that is made available on a weekly, monthly. Post Delay when combined with content protection WP member is an ideal base for membership sites.
Content Access Control
If you do not want your members to see how content they do not have access to not have it, just click “Hide” button. This REALLY works well as a “modular” membership and just want the people in “Module 1″ to see “Module 1″ and not “Module-2, 3,4,5 ‘etc.
Payment Module Integration
WP-Members smoothly integrated with PayPal, WorldPay and Clickbank. If you do not want a module deactivation They will only appear on the registration page re not.
Easy Member Management
Can you see a glimpse of the members, their registration status, level of membership and many more. It is also a member of the upgrade snap, move them to different levels, “pause” their membership, or remove them altogether.
Multi-Level Access
WP-Members may exceed membership only site that you can easily give your members access to various levels within your membership (it works well if you want to create a central download location).
Detail and overview,do you want download this plugin  buy this plugin. very trusted and powerfull plugin for membership site
see more information in here : http://tiyoavianto.com/wordpress-membership-plugin.html 
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