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Are you looking for information on SEO?  Do you want to find all your information on one site, rather than fifty?  We have worked hard at our site to find the information you need and report it to you.  We understand you do not have the time to go out and search all the news sites, other SEO websites, and find the information you want.  We have a team of writers working to keep you up to date regarding search engine optimisation news.  We also work tirelessly to get you useful information.
We are not going to write hundreds of articles regarding what search engine optimisation is.  We are also not going to list the benefits for you every chance we get.  Our aim on this site is to provide information that will help you.  We ferret out the information other sites, people, and news people are offering you to give you an idea of what is going on in the world of SEO.
Did you know keyword stuffing is out?  As of 2009 several of the search engines have changed their policies for how they rank content.  They no longer want to see a primary keyword and a couple of secondary keywords in the content.  Instead they want to see you define that keyword.  For example, say you are selling trips to Cabo.  Your page is talking about Cabo attractions.  Instead of using that as a keyword, things like Cabo San Lucas events, Cabo hotels, restaurants, and parks can be used in order to make your point.  This is just one example of how things can change and what you might need to learn in order to keep up with things.
SEO is more than keywords.  A lot of sites work to emphasise just the keyword part of SEO.  We are not biased.  We are impartial when it comes to the information we offer.  The only way to make information useful is to give you everything you need to have a well performing website.
Do not take our word for it.  Explore our site to find out what helpful hints, tips, and news you can find.  The world of SEO is always changing; therefore you need to find out what is going on.  We want you to find something here that you did not know before.  We also want you to find information that explains something you might have questions about.  This is your one stop for all SEO information.
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