Famous Hackers In the World Top 5 "Top 5 Hacker Dunia"

Hackers are people who learn, analyze, and if want, can create, modify, or even exploit the system that exists in a device such as computer software and computer hardware such as a computer program, administrative and other matters, particularly security. Here's some Top 5 Most Famous Hackers In the World at this time:

Great... ..    Linus Torvalds
A hacker-bred, to develop the Linux operating system is a combination of "Linus MINIX". Operating system Linux operating system has become the "standard" hacker. Together with Richard Stallman with the GNU-Linux version of its building and early collaboration with the programmer, developper and hackers around the world to develop the Linux kernel.

Good .... John Draper
The 2600 single-tone whistle Herz use a plastic box is a gift from cereals. Is a pioneer of 2600 Hz tone and is known as Phone Phreaker (Phreaker, read: frieker)2600 Hz tone used as a tool to make the phone free. On development, 2600 Hz tone is no longer made with a plastic whistle, but uses a tool called the "Blue Box".

Exelent .... . Mark Abene
As one of the "Master of Deception" phiber optics, to be inspired thousands of young people to study the internal phone system state. Phiber optics is also listed as one of 100 people by wiz New York Magazine. Using Apple computers, Timex Sinclair and Commodore 64. Computer is the first Radio Shack TRS-80 (trash-80).

Very Good,,,,,, Robert Morris
A scientist from the National Computer Security Center, which is part of the National Security Agencies (NSA). First time writing so that the Internet Worm momental in 1988. Perform thousands of infected computers that are connected in a network.

Kevin Mitnick
Kevin is the first hackers who is in the face poster "FBI Most Wanted." Kevin is also a "Master of Deception" and has written a book entitled "The Art of Deception." This book explains various social engineering techniques to gain access to the system.

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