suggestions for lard and rapid rise office or suggestions for dear boss

1. Do not Diligent Asking. "I received dozens of questions every day, which in fact most of them could own responsibility. They just lazy to try. "Tips: When less confident or need approval, it taste good to ask the Boss. But tomorrow, tomorrow before asking, ask yourself first, "Can not he give a better solution?" Most does not. Nothing is more to know about your work than your own.
2. Provide Solutions. "Everyone came with their problems. How could I not tired? "Tip: Do not enter the room intermittently boss asked for his help. Spend enough time to find a solution to the problem at hand. The boss is definitely more fun if you came with a fairly complicated issue but at the same time offering solutions to its completion.
3. Do not Ducking. "I'm happy if people want to take responsibility for his mistakes." Tips: Each person must have done something wrong. Just apologize only makes you look weak. It would be better if you say, "After seeing everything, I should work on the project in different ways." Or "After evaluating the future pay more attention to me ..." With this statement etrfokus boss will be more on the lessons that you can take rather than errors has occurred.
4. Do not be emotional. "I like to bother with emails sent by members of my team." Tip: Do not send email when angry or frustrated. You may write a letter, but do not immediately sent. Wait about 20 to 30 minutes, then read again the letter. I bet you are more calm and revise the earlier email with more constructive. The boss will appreciate your maturity and diplomacy skills.
5. Never Too Dazed Job Desc. "I immediately 'lost sense of' if there are men who answered with a sentence like, 'wow that was beyond my job desc.'" Tip: Do not stop just come to the job desc. Always try new things and challenges. Thus, your potential is growing. In addition, you will membat boss impressed with the spirit and judge you, including the type who is always ready to help.
6. Do not Let Him Fool. "If I received an SMS from men who said he was sick, I can confirm that he lied." Tips: Call or send SMS messages to his secretary is not the right way. Kanapa you do not immediately phoned the boss. You can explain what exactly you should do, so he dpat decide whether your work is transferred to another colleague or just wait until you get back.
7. Feedback. "Glad you know when to feedback from team members on projects that are being or have me do." Tips: When the boss to do something fun, get used to make comments. For example, "Thank you for your support in the boardroom was," This small, but will make the boss feel valued and encouraged him to do similar things in the future. He will be giving positive feedback about the attitude and your job.
8. Never So Mr. / Ms. Complained. "In the office, there are people who can only complain. Everything complained. Nothing is perfect in her eyes. Who can work with people like that. "Tips: The boss will be annoyed if you complain or blame the people at every opportunity. If the conditions are like that, boss tends to regard you as Mr. / Ms. Complained that not to be taken. Start yag picky thing you need to express, and put forward well. That way, the boss not only listen, but also noted you as the men who need to be considered kaluhannya.
9. Take Initiative. "I will give a special note for people who not only has good ideas, but also took the initiative to run it." Tips: Offers a lot of really good ideas. But more often than not a good idea to stop until the conference table only to then be forgotten. You select one or two best ideas and try to realize. Report progress to the boss, and if the idea goes well, the boss will record it all right in the head.

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