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Top 5 Hacker Tools

Hello friends, today I will share with you the top 5 tools to hack hackers or ForesnicInvestigate computer system or PC. Do you ever feel that your system is compromisedor shared? Do you think your system has an unusual or software packages that areinstalled in there that sends confidential data or other personal secret to Hackers?Always scared to test every hack tool that contains a virus or malware or not? Want toexplore your network application that is sending data to who or where?
If you have questions fit you then this post is for you. But if I speak to the heart of these tools required for each user noraml and hackers as well as to investigate their systemsfrom the boot to cover. Today I make you real ethical hackers like me today will teachyou how to investigate your system. And how to get rid of antivirus noobish that exist onlyon your PC just consume your system resources.

List of top 5 hack tool for hackers to Inverstigate or Forensic computer systems or PC:
1. Live View
2. Start-up List
3. File Open View
4. Wireshark
5. Helix 3

Work gradually tools above:

1. Live View
Live View is a utility that makes open source virtual machine system. Live View createsa virtual disk out of the system that allows you to safely investigate and then copy the system without interfering with any installed. So you can easily explore your systemalmost without affecting the original system
Now restart your PC for further investigation and a tool to be used.
You can download the Live View for free here (click in here download).

2. Start-up List
Now you have a virtual copy of your system and now why are you waiting for let's startinvestigating your PC. So download the Start Up List  (click here a list of a startup)
This is a great way to start the investigation of the system and determine the things thatmight potentially have been using the system to restart each time the system is not. Thiswill give you a list of all programs that use the system at boot time. A great way to findkeyloggers and other devices remotely montitoring because they are being added tostart.
Now why do I say this tool because you can do so directly using the command msconfig.The simple answer such questions, msconfig only list the attached program to startusing registry keys. Usually what happens viruses attach themselves to some existingwindows service so it will be difficult to identify examples of it. Start up the programdisplays a list of all the land back as well.

3. File Open View
The next step in investigating your computer is to find or specify other files, other than normal opening. In Linux we can just do this using ISOF command in the terminal but nosimilar command in windows. Ahhah now what will you do to investigate this .. Do notworry OpenFilesView there (click here to download open file view). Openfilesview is a Windows application that lists all files and processes that are active today - both localand network-based - on the system. So you can easily identify where the file is openedor unusual unusual processes running. Now how to help, all keyloggers or remote administration tool always maintain a file while they write their logs or other details.Muahhhhhh ... Now nothing is hidden from you. You can see each and everything andfind out easily that a noob virus or a keylogger running on your system.

4. WiresharkMine came out a favorite tool of the 5 tools. Now that you have researched your system using the tools on there, the time to investigate your network traffic. Some time it happens, when you install some software you doubt that it is submit your personal data or information to others. Wireshark is a tool that monitors network packets and analyze them where the data transmission. Now how the trojan helpful for you, the Most and keyloggers send logs using the network and upload to FTP or send them to multiple email addresses. Using wireshark you can monitor what they send and even usernames and passwords FTP and email accounts to be sending. This is the most promising factors that make for love wireshark more. So why wait for the download wireshark free: (Click here download Wireshark).
5. Helix 3Now you all will think we have done everything, investigations by ...: D but I'm Destructive Mind. So a few more things that stand out my mind. What I prefer to investigate on the PC. Any guesses ...Damn .. I forgot I was taught you ..Now how do you determine what noob virus has changed on your system, which files they have their signature edited or attached to which of the programs and most importantly what they have been edited or added. This you can do with the help of Helix 3. Helix 3, the newly updated version of the Linux live forensic tool, can be used to check the disk safe to see what had finally changed. So people now how classy you think you have become. But sorry to inform you that the first part of the life of hackers and 99.99% guranttee guys i do not know these tools. Ahhh ... If they know about these tools so they certainly do not know how to use them and more importantly if they knew that they might never use them because they are LAZY enough and leave everything on the antivirus noob.(Click here to download helix3) Its 30 people a day trial version, like version of the license for one system only and I can not share me: D. But I can tell you some amazing tricks to use it as much as you want. To download version evalation again and again simply register with the new email ID and delete the previous version that eliminates the use WinXP Manager registry keys as well.
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