“PDA and Palmtops fall out of favour”

It seems that nothing can replace the good ol’ handphone.
At least that’s what it seems with most female tertiary and undergraduates. Handphones are the most essential student tech gadgets. PDAs and digital cameras claimed second place while MP3 players trailed in third place.
About three quarters or 75% of the people polled are adamant that their handphones are must-haves.
Only about 12% laid claims to other tech gadgets.
Explaining the reason behind her choice, Vanessa, 17 said “My handphone is my link to the world. There’s no way I can survive without it.”
Rosabel, 22, was more precise. “Without your handphone, you won’t be easily contactable. It will be of inconvenience to everyone, including myself.”
Cynthia, 24, offers an alternative view. ”PDA's the most essential for me because important dates and appointments are stored inside.” A self-confessed scatter-brain, “I’ll be lost without my PDA”.
Stephanie, 19, hardly batted an eyelid when told of the results. “ I don’t understand what’s the huge hoo-ha over PDAs, digital cameras or palmtops. I find them really pricey.”
Sharing her friend’s opinion, Xiaoling, 19, feels that such fancy gadgets can be “done without.”
Two MP3 player lovers who declined to be named felt the importance of the device as “loads and loads of favourite songs are stored inside ready to be listened on the MRT”
Lixian,17, has a quirky take on the question. ”Handphones and all this nonsense are not my style. I prefer….my transistor radio.”

Penny for my Thoughts

Well, what about this writer you might ask? I would really have to say my handphone.
I study the screen when I’m restless, checking for new messages. Frequently, I check for missed calls. Then I check for new messages and missed calls.
When my handphone was sent for repair, I was in a frenzy for a day thinking about people’s failed attempts to contact me. When it was finally returned to me, I frantically started “Operation Rescue”- to rescue my calls and messages after being “neglected” for a day.
Did I mention that I just checked for new messages?
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