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1. Flipping Domains
You can make really good money if you know how to select premium domains and sell them online, known popularly as flipping domains. How does this work?
    You register a domain name and hosting
    You create a website/blog
    You provide some content – highly optimized
    You place some ads – ideally AdSense
…and then you put this up for sale.
People are willing to pay for these kinds of websites because everything is almost done for them.
However, if you do not want to create websites/blogs, add content and ads, just buy premium domain names and sell them after some time. I have seen such kind of domain names being bought for more than $1000 whose original price was not more than $20. The older the domain name is, you get a better price.

2. Affiliate Marketing
Income Insiders has an entire section devoted to affiliate marketing. If you are interested in sales and marketing, try affiliate marketing by all means. Of course, some may tell you that this field is over flowing, that it has become saturated.
But the fact is only about 10% of affiliate marketers are able to make money online while the others fail. So you actually have 90% of the market open for you to explore.
Affiliate networks like eBay and Amazon pay around 75% commission to affiliate. You can join any affiliate network you want, promote the products, get sales and you earn commissions.
The potential of earning money online through affiliate marketing is unlimited. Period.

3. Designing Logos
Logo designers are in great demand. Not everyone is a designer and neither does 100% of the web users know how to use Photoshop to design logos.
Visit mini marketplaces like and you will be amazed to see just how many people are willing to offer logo designing services for just $5, excluding the $1 commission charges.
A Logo gives a company brand image. If you are good at logo designing, make it your niche and start promoting yourself on freelancing websites like,, and others to start your freelance web designer career.

4. Sell eBooks
Digital book or electronic book, call it whatever you may like, selling eBooks will continue to be a lucrative proposition in 2012. In a world of information overload, there is a demand for quality content still, which eBooks are in a position to provide.
Whether you write your own eBooks or you become an affiliate for eBooks written by others, it is a wonderful opportunity to make money online. In fact, if you have written your own eBook, you can maximize earnings by putting it up on the market for affiliates.
Like this you can create your own affiliate market and increase sales, which gives you maximum profit.

5. Facebook Money
I feel Facebook is becoming a monopoly in itself by trying to compete with Google. Hardly a day goes by for those 500 million active Facebook users when they do not login to Facebook. This trend gives you two opportunities :
Market your product and services on Facebook and get contacted by clients.
There are many apps on Facebook which gives money making opportunities. For instance, there is a Facebook-centric writing network and again, there is a service which pays you to sign up on other websites. The second one may not pay much but no problem, the agenda is to earn money. Even a penny is money.

If you want to target Facebook, I suggest you remain online there as much as you can in any given day and explore the possibilities.

6. Earn Money with GPT Websites
GPT or “Get Paid To” websites are those websites where you have to sign up and do various “odd jobs” online which you normally do sometimes but without receiving any payment in return.
For instance, the GPT websites can ask you to fill out surveys, post tweets, click on ads, surf the net and other such things. It takes barely an hour daily for this kind of work.
People who are using such sites to make a marginal amount of quick money online without implementing any skills other than the skill of browsing the Internet can make use of the GPT websites.
But beware – there are many fraud GPT sites out there too so just Google the GPT website name to read user reviews first.

7. YouTube Channel
A housewife, bored with sitting at home doing nothing, started to share her cooking videos on YouTube regularly. Within two months, her YouTube channel had million views and she started earning from YouTube video advertisements. She earned $1000 one month.
Later, YouTube offered her partnership and now she earns a guaranteed $1500+ every month from those videos.
This is the power of video content marketing. If you have any skills that you think will benefit people, make YouTube your major earning source.

8. Sharing Files
Income Insiders has a detailed blog post on making money by sharing files. You earn when people download the files you upload. What do these files have? Anything!
You can upload information based files, data files, general subject based info and others. These files can be both text-based and image-based. Here the earning depends on the type of file you have uploaded and the number of downloads. Most of the websites pay per 1000 downloads.
Read the above linked blog post. You will see a resource list of many high paying and reputed websites paying money by sharing files.
However, please make sure that these files do not infringe copyright.

9. Google AdSense
You can read about making money with Google AdSense in detail from here.
Google AdSense is undoubtedly the first and foremost choice of people who want to make money online through advertisement revenues. It is a misconception that you need a website or a blog to make money online from AdSense.
In fact, there are lots of AdSense revenue sharing websites that will allow you to integrate Google AdSense advertisements with your content and allow you to earn revenue.
If you are not ready for the first way, I suggest that you play around with AdSense a bit through the content revenue generation system before starting blogs and websites.

10. eBay Selling and Affiliate-ship
eBay, one of the largest online shopping portals, allows you to sell goods online and earn money by becoming a product affiliate too and turn eBay marketplace into a second income source.

If you have a garage full of old sporting goods or a massive library of books or anything else that has value, list them on eBay, select the country you can ship to, set the price or choose auction mode and you are set.

Alternatively, if you have a blog or website, you can become an eBay affiliate to sell products and earn commissions.
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