Cheat game Travian

These tips play travian in the allocation for beginners, probably already know a lot but hopefully useful for the uninitiated!

Some say the type of attack is the best defense, so the stronger your attack then it automatically is not much that can match you, for the principle in travian less powerful law of the jungle who it was he who survive but make no mistake, travian also contains political elements, so it is not impossible the strongest can be uprooted, diplomacy and strategy is also very important role.
Here are info from blog friends who are also quite useful
There may be some friends - friends who feel discouraged because frequent and more severe diraid again destroyed by the catapult up - to delete the account. It could still be dimaklumin if still in the early stages of the game (1-3 days after the protection period runs out), because the game will affect your future.

I suggest that you play aggressively at the beginning of the game, the first day waking up barracks, sda lvl 1, forces the most generous research sebayak 10 seeds, immediately leave raid. Well the results of the raid were used to make the squad again for your raiding dense traffic and the results are satisfactory. Remember raidlah about - about your neighbor who kira2 not so active, because if the wrong choice then you will lose and it will get a great enemy that early in the game.

Surely you will ask, "how to know who can be a criterion village farm land? '. Today many of the website tools that can help us in playing Travian but not the cheat loch. Here is a link to the site knows where the villages are active and not, so we are not mistaken in looking for raid targets. Please click here, it gives a chance to use it live and coordinate appropriate server you play.

Tools are greasemonkey furthermore, these tools serve to help you when you want to attack, help your friends, send sda and more effectively. But the tools are only applicable if you are using mozilla firefox browser, because this tool is in the form of add on mozilla. Please click here, to download it. When finished downloading and installing, please restart your firefox. If you add on has been installed it will appear under the symbol of the monkey on the right of your browser. To enable the disabled ato enough left click on the image monkey. klo course being maen tools travian and active supporters in the disabled do not let ya.

The second step is to add a script, how jg pretty easy. Go to, dikolom search type "Travian". Or just click here. There are many supporters travian script, as a beginner you can start by installing the "Travian3 Beyond - ML & CN" is pretty much tools that help to be had. just click Travian3 Beyond - ML & CN then you will see a new page, on the top right click "INSTALL".

The final step, please log into your travian account then later you will see the difference from before. Yup, there will be an additional shortcut on each building and SDA timer. Hopefully helpful, and if you have not registered yet please click Register Travian.

To play travian gold sagatlah important, but using such applications or travian bot manager, travian3 beyon also quite helpful and mengefesiensi time so having one of them is very important especially if gold and additional applications you can use!
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