Victim of A Business From Home Scam?

A business from home scam is a get rich quick scheme in which a victim is lured by an offer to be employed at home, very often doing some simple task in a minimal amount of time with a large amount of income that far exceeds the market rate for the type of work.

The only purpose of such an offer

 is for the perpetrator to extort money from the victim, either by charging a fee to join the scheme, or requiring the victim to invest in products whose resale value is misrepresented.

Legitimate business from home opportunities do exist, and many people do their jobs in the comfort of their own homes. But anyone seeking such an employment opportunity must be wary of accepting a home employment offer, as only about one in 42 such ads have been determined to be legitimate

Most legitimate work at home jobs require some 

form of post high school education, such as a college degree or certificate, or trade school, and some experience in the field in an office or other supervised setting. Additionally, many legitimate work at home jobs are not like those in schemes are portrayed to be, as they are often performed at least some of the time in the company's office, require more self discipline than a traditional job, and have a higher risk of firing. From Wikipedia,the free encyclopedia.

You can relax because if you are not interested in a work at home job there is a tremendous opportunity to start and build a work at home business . You are the only one who can do the firing for your business from home and you can get started with very little risk.

You will also find out that your educational back ground does not really matter, and if you are willing to listen and apply what you learn in my opinion it will be by far the best education you will ever find. This will of course depend on who your mentors are and how willing you are to sit on Your EGO.

Whether you start out part time or you have the resources to dive into building your work at home on line business you can expect many challenges and one of them will be everyone will tell you they are an expert at building work at home on line businesses.

If this is true then you may be thinking 

how do I find the real experts who I can learn from? This is a good question and it took me almost two years of filtering through a lot of hype and false promises to find passionate honest work at home entrepreneurs who were willing to be my mentors.

I have created a blog to help you find some of these answers. Visit the link below and learn about different strategies and opportunities to builds a legitimate long term online home business.
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