Why And How To Play Goldentowns

In this article I am going to write how to play better this game and earn more money.
       This is one of the rare games where you can have fun and earn money. It is great because you do not have do pay anything. There are games where you have to deposit 10$ or something like that to start playing or earning money.
       In this great game you got vegetables, meat, wood, iron, stone, clay and the most inportant GOLD. Only gold can be exchanged for money so everything is about gold. You can buy shares with gold or buy vegetables or meat or other materials. You can sell gold to other people at price 1 gold/3 euros or to the game.

       And now something that should help you playing this game. ROADS - if you do not upgrade roads you can not upgrade any building and if you do not upgrade your buildings you can not play this game because you will be earning only 6 meat or other materials per three hours. That is very little you will be earning gold very very slowly.

        HOUSES - houses have to be upgraded almost every day because people live in houses and if your houses are full you can not make more people and without people you can not do anything.
        MARKET - if you want to upgrade or build a house it has to be under influence of market. Higher level of market, influence area is much bigger so you do not have to build another market.

        PRODUCTION BUILDINGS - there are seven kinds of productions buildings: Vegetables farm, Farm, Wood factory, Blacksmith, Stone quary, Claypit and Gold mine. People are working in production buildings and with them you earn products and gold. They are very inportant.

        Everything in this game is connected with something else. You can not upgrade anything without roads and for roads you need products so it is a circle.

        I suggest you to smart spend 100 of each product and to earn vegetables because you do not have to pay anything for vegetables and you can exchange them for another products on market.

       Have fun playing this game!!!!!!! JOIN NOW HERE
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