Penetrating the theory of space and time already exist in Islam and it will happen #IStandwithAhmed

When viewed in the dictionary, then we will find the term "buraq" which is defined as "the Beast vehicle Prophet Muhammad", he shaped left-right winged horse. In general use "buraq" means bird of paradise that the dictionary defined by the birds of heaven (bird of paradise). Actually "buraq" is the term used in the Koran with the meaning of "lightning" contained in paragraph 2/19, 2/20 and 13/2 with the original term "Barqu".

Scholars have conducted an investigation and concluded that flash or light move as far as 186,000 miles or 300 Kilometers per second. With investigations wear paralax system, note also the distance of the sun from the earth about 93 million miles and traversed by light in 8 minutes. Such large distances is called 1 AU or one Astronomical Unit, is used as a measure of the smallest in determining the distances between celestial bodies. And we have discussed that Muntaha system that lies outside our Milky Way galaxy, where the distance from one galaxy to the other kegalaksi only about 170,000 light-years away. While Muntaha itself is the earth or planet in the farthest galaxies of all galaxies there diruang space.

It is very odd if we said that buraq is understood to be an animal or the winged horse that can fly freely keangkasa. People would be able to know that the wings can only function in an environment of the planet's atmosphere where air suspended forward movement backward to come forward or pressed down to soar upwards. The air is so just to be in the high troposphere 6 to 16 Km from the Earth's surface, but it must travel buraq penetrate the space vacuum in which the useless wings instead become a burden. With lightning speed, the beast that vehicle, as well Prophet up, will burn in the area of ​​the Earth's atmosphere, whereas the absence of air to breathe in a great distance away while it should back away from the sky berlayangan meteorities are free. All it proves that the Prophet Muhammad was not traveling Ascension using animals or winged animals as believed by people over the years.

Replacement of the term of Barqu which means lightning became clear buraq contain different sense, where if Barqu it is lightning, then buraq I assume as vehicles that have the nature and speed above the speed of lightning or something that exceeds the beam movement.

According to our minds everyday that remained on earth, the distance is so far could not be achieved in just a few moments. To break through the center line of the universe only need about 10 billion light years through galaxies by Garnow called the fossils the universe and further towards nature indescribable away by the mind and the human senses with all kinds of equipment, because it has not or even unknown to astronomy, galaxies farther than 20 billion light years. In other words they astronomers can not see what is behind the galaxy far as the situation is actually the absolute dark. To achieve such a distance away certainly needed the addition of speeds many times the speed of light. Unfortunately the speed of light is the highest speed known to man today, or it could be because the parameters of the speed of light has not been reached by humans.

In the Qur'an we find how much count the time required by the angels and the spirits of people who died back to the Lord: Up angels and souls to Him in a day the measure of which fifty thousand years. (Qur'an, 70: 4)

The size of the time in the paragraph above there are experts who mentions that the figure of 50 thousand years that shows how long it takes flying angels and Ar-Ruh's up to God. But somehow that verse shows the difference a considerable time between the time we were still on earth at the time the angel that move quickly in accordance with the opinion of the physicists who says "Time for a person on earth and time for a person in hight speed rocket are not the same ", the time for someone who is different from the time on earth for people who are in high-speed aircraft. The time difference mentioned in the paragraph above is expressed by the number of days an angel compared to 50,000 the year when the earth, this difference does not change with the time difference of the earth and the time of electrons, wherein a second Earth is 1,000 million years of electrons or 1 year Milky Way = 225 million years a solar system.

So when the angel departed at 18:00 and return at 06.00 am an angel, then according to time calculation on earth day angel = 50,000 years Earth time. And to distance the radius of the universe up to Muntaha and passes through the sky highway known as the 'Divine Throne, 10 Billion light years it takes approximately 548 years time angel. But the angel Gabriel reality in the event of Mi'raj Prophet Muhammad that only spent half the day on which the earth / Maximum 12 Hours / or = 1 / 100,000 of Gabriel.

This incident seems so strange and even impossible according to the knowledge of human civilization today, but scientists have another view, an example of what is proposed by Garnow in his Physies Foundations and Frontier, among others, stated that if the spacecraft can fly at a steady pace / light / heading kepusat Milky Way system, he would return after spending the earth 40,000 years according to the calendar. But according to sipengendara aircraft / pilot / flight had just spent 30 years. Difference seemed so great over 1,000 time.

Other examples are quite popular, the paradox of twins, is a space ship pilot who has a twin brother on earth, he set out for example at the age of 0 years towards a star that its distance from the earth as far as 25 light years. After 50 years and then came back to earth sipilot turned out that the brother who remained on earth aged 49 years older, while the 1-year-old sipilot only. Or flights that should according to the size of the earth for 50 years light roundtrip felt by the pilot just in time for one year only. From the examples above show that the distance or time becomes increasingly wrinkle or shrink when traversed by high speed above which the speed of light.

Back to the events of Mi'raj Prophet that the distance traveled by the Angel Gabriel with the Prophet Muhammad with Buraq according to the size of the earth as far as the radius of the universe plus Sidratul Muntaha commuting distance to within a maximum of 1/2 day Earth time (overnight) or 1 / 100,000 times Gabriel or equal to 10-5 light years, which is roughly equal to 9.46 x 10 -23 cm / sec felt by Gabriel with Prophet Muhammad (compared with a radius of an electron with 3 x 19-11 cm) or approximately shorter than the wavelength of gamma rays.

Well, Barkah called in the Qur'an surrounding the Prophet Muhammad himself is in the form of total care that protects him from the dangers that can arise both during the journey from the earth or also during the trip diruang space, including pencukupan breathing air for the Prophet during the and so forth. So, we can now describe the vehicle named Buraq is such, whether he be a spaceship that has a speed above the speed of light and the speed of the UFO? Or is he in the form of the power that God has given himself the Prophet so that the apostle can fly diruang space safely and prosperous, free float like a Superman?

As a vehicle that could wrap around and protect the body of the Prophet in a way that could fight / overcome the laws of nature in terms of dimensional journey. Once inside there is enough air for breathing Prophet Muhammad and filled with monitors that allow the Prophet to look out or also monitors that are "Futuristic", the monitor provides an overview to the Prophet about the state of his people after the death of his will.

Are there not many authentic hadith which says that during the journey to Muntaha that the Prophet Muhammad has shown scenes incredible? Is it weird for you if the Prophet Muhammad has been shown by God (through the futuristic monitors) against anything that would happen in the future? Are you going to deny that much after after the death of the Apostle there are many men who are able to foresee the future or seeing someone?

In the computer world we know of virtual reality (VR) is a real natural appearance to the dimensions of highly interactive digital multimedia so like a real state. Do not possibly have felt the Messenger of Allah VR facility to present to His beloved that heaven and hell are promised? You've heard the term "Paranormal" is not it? If you believe all that, then something hard for you to believe it even then happen to the Prophet, it's just the difference that it is a true picture of Allah that was certainly the truth without being mixed with matters of vanity. It can also be proved by the many predictions of the state of the Muslim Prophet after him gone and become a reality without the slightest slip? Where did the Prophet can do so if it is not shown by God in advance?

God gives wisdom to whom He wills. And he who was given wisdom, it has given many virtues. And nobody can take lessons except those of understanding. (Qur'an, 2: 269)

Wisdom in verse 2: 269 and other verses, I interpret as the wisdom given by God to His servants, this means a very broad discretion, both in the field of science world or the hereafter, as an embodiment of Rahman and her womb.

In the Hadith mentioned that Prophet Muhammad set out to Muntaha accompanied by the angel Gabriel in the Koran sura 53: 6 is said to have an intelligent mind. And the way that the Prophet was given the vehicle named Buraq whose speed exceeds the speed of light. Furthermore, during the journey of the Prophet many asked the angel Gabriel about anything shown by God to him, this indicates that the Prophet and Gabriel are relatively close together. Gabriel's not possible that Buraq driving to get to Muntaha? In other words, Muhammad Jibril as a pilot and as a passenger?

Did not Muhammad himself was held for the first time space travel, while Gabriel had hundreds or even millions of times to do it in carrying out mandated by God's revelation? If the prophet said as a pilot, of which the Prophet determine the direction of the goal following the procedure of driving this Buraq, especially coupled with the many visions aka Virtual Reality given by God to him during the trip and require asking various questions to Gabriel? But if we return to my original opinion that Gabriel applicable in this case as a pilot and the Prophet as a passenger, then all the questions and doubts that arise will be lost.

In this case Jibril was pilot flying experience, he is also very smart, while upon the Prophet himself had given God Barqah around him, so that any changes that occur in the course, such as rocking plane, gravitational pressure loss, air and others will not affect anything on this noble Prophet himself. And state without any influence it possible for the Prophet to conduct inquiries on visions he had seen it all at once can see clearly / Virtual Reality.

Back to Gabriel who always ask for permission in entering each layer of the sky to the guardian angels, it is because they do not recognize Jibril who resides in Buraq it, so that Gabriel said, they were only able to recognize his voice and detection in vision state in Buraq so obvious that who came was actually Gabriel.

In the Hadith also mentioned that the guardian angels of the sky was also asked about the identity of the human figure brought by the angel Gabriel, who is none other than Prophet Muhammad. And is described by Gabriel that the Prophet sent by God and has also been ordered to climb into Muntaha. (Hadith is narrated by Bukhari about Muslims and expressed by scholarly of ahlussunnah as the authentic Hadith).

It is indeed memorable funny for some people, especially considering that the prophet is a man's most noble gain respectability which can be proved by bersandingnya name of God and his name in two khalimah creed that should not be interfered with, increased or decreased by various other names because there is no right to interfere in the issue of other creatures. But precisely here lies the greatness of God. Everything deliberately shown scientifically to the Prophet so that he can prove to yourself how tight guard the sky really is.

In this case it can be assumed that the so-called sky layer on Muntaha it is in the form of planets closest to "earth-Muntaha", this I connect with the statement of the Qur'an in Surah 72: 9 that Jin or devil can occupy several the place. Able to occupy a place there dwelt means capable of it, and because it was a double (some places), then obviously the place was not Muntaha itself, but the nearest place of Muntaha. In accordance with my earlier studies, that Muntaha earth surrounding it form there are also planets, the planets that place or position of the formerly silent syaithan it to eavesdrop on sky news.

Muntaha itself means "Terminated" or can we interpret as the last place of all the affairs anchored. Place the border every achievement to God. Sidrah means "lotus" of interest broadleaf, living on the surface of a pond or lake water. Uratnya long reach ground water base. When the tide rises, the lotus will go up, and when tidal he too is going down, while the veins remain terhujam on the basis of land where he grows.

Broad-leafed lotus resembles a state of the planet that has a wide surface, it harmony to a life of living beings. Long-grain lotus achieve basic land where he grew up is unlikely to move far, resembles the state of the planet that is always associated with the sun from which he may not move much in zigzagnya orbit from the ecliptic. And water which resembles a lotus is wide space in which all the planets orbit around the sun. Fluctuation lotus surface water means the planet's orbit around the sun oval, ovoid, where there is a point Perihelion is the closest point to the sun that dikitarinya, nor no point Aphelion, the farthest point from the sun. When the planet is in Aphelionnya he moves slowly. State of motion thus providing stability orbit of each planet that initially only based on its magnetic activity only.

God Himself is positioned on Muntaha, although Muntaha it is the farthest planet and marginalized in the expanse of the universe as well as the highest dimension, where the majority of the angels being there while praise and glorify God, it is only as a place of God's creatures on the Day of Judgment will eventually merged Similarly and all its contents, including the angels will die unless anyone who wills only (QS. 27:87), only God was the only one Top dimension is eternal and immutable (Qur'an, 2: 255).

With the inventor of this clock as Ahmed Mohamed, I think this should be developed on his knowledge of the child. and this is very rare. Sara No. Please ... I'm just a fan of the technology to make this article I would like to make a personal note to me.

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