Awesome New Strategy: More Traffic Now !

The first page of Google is where you want to be – especially to send traffic
to your Squeeze Page (Opt In Page) – That Builds Your List and Sales = Money For You-

-I’m Sure You’ve Heard of Article Marketing, There’s Just One Thing You Should
Be Aware of – Article Marketing **Is** Still Effective – Very! -

-However, where You’re putting Your Articles is Much More Important than You Think-
This Twist on Article Marketing Is Much More Effective Than Posting to -

-Do it this way- and You’re a lot more likely to get top rankings- even for competitive
keywords – Getting Your Squeeze Page or Affiliate Site to Google’s First Page-

-Again- Make Sure You Use High Quality Article Content and You Point
Back to Your Squeeze Page or Top Affiliate Offers-

-This is Free Traffic that Lasts Nearly Forever- And So Few People Have Discovered
This that You’ll Do Really Well If You Do A Few of These Per Week!-

So- what’s the Magic New Strategy?- Well simple!- instead of posting them to and the Article Directories, Simply Turn Them into PDFs (You can save as PDF
with the Free OpenOffice (Download from with Post them to Document Sharing Sites-

What are “Document Sharing Sites”? Used a lot by the commerical and academic communities, these
sites are amazing in the fact of the high Pagerank and “Google Respect” that they get- eg: Some of them
are in the Top 500 sites by traffic on the Internet-

What does that mean for You? It means that your submissions are incredibly likely to rank highly on Google -
because besides relevance- a lot of the weighting Google gives to Ranking things highly comes from
how “respected” and “powerful” the site is-

-Plus- there’s usually NO approval process -

-Your Submissions Can Be Ranking Highly on Google in as Little As An Hour!-

-So- Using these sites to post your content on for free- is like piggybacking off of Dell or Microsoft to get
your message out there-

-Another amazing thing- Yes, You CAN use PLR/Duplicate content and your submissions DON’T get deleted- Just as with anything
else, ensure your content is high quality- If You Put Your Audience in a Good Mood with Good Content They’re

-And YES You Can Put Your Affiliate Links and Especially Your Squeeze Page Link (Recommended) Throughout the Document(s)-

Here’s the list of the Top Google Respect Sites where to Post Your Articles You Converted to PDF:

Start with PLR Articles- If You Need Some- Go Here:-
And If You Want to Get Many Written Cheaply- Go Here:-
Here’s More Tips to Get the Most of This-
-Use the Google Keyword Tool to Find Highly Searched Terms (Keywords) – eg: Get Website Traffic, Get My Ex Back, Etc etc-
Then Put those Keywords (Tags) With Your Submissions on the Sites (It Asks You For What Keywords You Want to Use For It)-
Google Keyword Tool
-Use The Keywords in the Article Title and a Few Times in the Text
-After Putting Up the Article – Get the Full URL and Ping It (Submit It) Here:

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Nice post. Article marketing is an important and proven internet marketing promotion tool you will need to equip yourself with to set your online business.


Good. Its very effective when i found it through google while searching "how to get more traffic".


Thanks for going in depth on article marketing. That's such great information that you just gave up.


It seems to be a good strategy to get more traffic from your articles. How much traffic you receive using this strategy compared to the traffic from EzineArticles? Is there a significant difference?




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