New Format History of Indonesian Literature

Contrary to the consensus of experts who declare literature Indonesia began in the novels published by Balai Pustaka years 1920s, its history until the present count is still very young, approximately 80 years. Therefore, the required books of literary history that can be referred to the student, students, enthusiasts, and literary scholar. Therefore, it is natural if the travel history of Indonesian literature was divided by considering the momentum of change social and political conditions, as shown in the book Ajip Rosidi (1968). 
A more detailed division of the numbers in a 1900-1933, 1933-1942, 1942-1945, 1945-1953, 1953-1961, and 1961-1967 with their respective colors as shown in a number of works important literature. 
Later in the period 1961-1967 seems salient color resistance and the struggle to maintain dignity, while afterwards experiments and extracting color looks different possible pronunciations literature. 
New Format If socio-political momentum is still used as an arrangement periodization of literary history of Indonesia 1900-2000, may be recorded the new format by placing three large momentum as barrier pillars of social change, politics, and culture, namely 17-8-1945 proclamation of independence, political and national tragedy geger 30 September 1965, and May 21, 1998 political reforms. 
Yunus Umar structural analysis of the development Indonesian poetry and modern Malays (Bhratara, Jakarta, 1981) and review of novel structurally Indonesia (Universiti Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, 1974) may be used as a reference to explain these changes. 
By considering the momentum was then the third obtained four times the history of Indonesian literature, namely the The first includes the years 1900-1945, the second period covers the year 1945-1965, The third period includes the years 1965-1998, and that started the fourth period in 1998 until the time that can not be diperhitungkan.Dengan borrow clothes that are considered popular and political nationalism is still considering naming the fourth period Indonesian literary journey that could make a bid as follows: Growth Period or Early Awakening can be used for accommodate the literary life of Indonesia in 1900-1945 on the grounds that At that time, nationalism has grown that also appeared in a number of literary works such as poems Rustam Efendi, Mohammed Yamin, Asmara Hadi and others. What is clear, at that time bertumbuhan literary works partly Indonesian excited and now it was recorded as the initial capital Indonesian literature. 
Pemapanan period can be used to provide a place of literary lives Indonesia in 1965-1998 on the grounds at the time it happened pemapanan various systems: social, political, publishing, and education effects appear also in the field of Indonesian literature. Given the size of the load history of Indonesian literature the necessary division of the history of growth and development into four periods as mentioned earlier, namely (1) period of growth or the resurrection from the numbers in 1900-1945, (2) period of upheaval or time of revolution from the numbers in 1945-1965, (3) days pemapanan with numbers in 1965-1998, and (4) the exemption from the numbers 1998-present.

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