get Facebook Credits for free ?!! (Free Facebook Credits)

How to get Facebook Credits for free??

Social Networking Giant Facebook has strongly emerged as a Social Gaming Platform too. Either it is Farmvile or Mafia wars, tons of million users play these games each and everyday. At the same time, every player has 1 question in mind, ” How to get Facebook Credits for free “. Many of the Facebook users are addicted to these games so much and want to get the credits anyhow. This has led to a huge demand of Facebook Credits. So lets have a look at what these credits are and how to get free Facebook Credits.

What are Facebook Credits?

If you are a player of any of the game at Facebook, you must be familiar with this word. Normally on the top right of a Facebook page, we can see something written as Facebook Credits. Facebook Credits are basically used in Facebook Games and Apps to buy premium services and equipment’s, like in Farm-vile these credits are used to buy Animals , and in Mafia Wars, these Credits are used in Buying weapons. These equipments and services may not be available for normal users.

These Credits are actually bought using Credit Cards, Paypal or other means of payment. So here in this post i am sharing some ways which will tell you

How to get Facebook Credits for Free?

1. Click here to go to an app, whose name is Hello City. This app gives you 5 free credits on completing the first level of it.

2. By playing a Game “Happy Pets”, you can earn 1 credit each day for a limited time.

3. Click on to Account Setting >> Payments. Click on buy more in Credits Balance and then select More Payment Options. In the window, choose Earn Credits. You might see a whole list of signups where you could get credits for downloading software, liking apps etc. These credits are usually free, but you need to take some surveys or need to sign-up for those services, which is not actually a very handy task.

Apart from the ways which i mentioned above, sometimes Game developers also provide free credits either at the time of launching a new game, or in the form of lucky draws or at completing a certain stage of a game.

As i told in the beginning, the craze of these games is so much in the users, so they keep trying the spam links on some pages, which bet them to give 1000′s of free credits. But that is not actually true. by doing so, you compromise with the security of your account as well as your personal information. I would suggest you not to click on those links .

There is one more way, which can make you earn thousands of credits without risking your account an dwithout any illegal practice, just have a look at the below video
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