Increase Your Patience 2012 - 2013

They say that patience is a virtue and - at least sometimes - they are right about that. But what happens when you seem to fly off the handle at the slightest provocation? Here are some simple ways to help you to increase your patience.
Work out what's causing your impatience
Expert Author Trevor JohnsonThat may sound obvious and even simplistic. But if it was, you probably wouldn't be as impatient!
So take a step back, physically or mentally, and do your best to work out what's bugging you.
Then decide what to do!
If it's fixable - like oiling a wheel - then fix it or pay someone to carry out the deed.
If it doesn't involve something mechanical then you need to figure out whether there's a way round the problem. Some things such as surly teenagers aren't easy to fix but a lot of other things just need both sides of the problem to sit down and talk it over.
Adjust your attitude
Difficult as it is to believe, it could be your attitude that's causing the problem that, in turn, is causing you to lose your patience.
Often all it takes is a slight shift in attitude. Or even just an occasional smile or "thank you".
If you're struggling to work out what needs to change then enlist the help of a trusted friend, someone who will tell you the truth and won't pull any punches.
Then play around with a few things, even if something like smiling when you meet that person feels alien to you at the moment.
Keep a journal or blog
Yikes! The thought of writing down whatever makes you irritated probably winds you up as well.
But getting things out into the open is often the best way of clearing them up.
And taking the time to crystalize your thoughts is definitely worth doing. Because it will help to diffuse whatever it is that is irritating you in the first place. There's something cold about the written word that makes some of the dafter ideas look even more stupid than they are.
Give yourself a rest
Taking a break is an excellent way to let your irritability decline.
Whether the break is for a few seconds, a few minutes or longer.
The mere fact of interrupting the pattern you were running that made you irritable could be enough to allow you to calm down. Failing that, walking away from the situation may be another good way if the situation permits.
Work out the best way that you can do this in the various situations where you find yourself losing your patience and then apply them as best you can.
Detach yourself from the situation
This is another art that is worth learning.
It's actually an NLP technique called dissociation if you want to read up more about it but, in essence, you visualize yourself as a casual observer rather than participating in the scene.
Pretending that you are shooting a movie in your head can be a good way to do this and should help you to improve your patience levels,
Get more help with how to increase your patience and check out how you can become more patient.
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