Facebook Password Hacking Easy Ways And How To Avoid It

This is not to persuade you to go around hacking facebook maen others even if it's your own girlfriend or spouse, but just the knowledge that you will not get lost in the loop trap hackers, or may be useful for parents who want to monitor their children when they are playing in cyberspace, whether it is ethical in the way social networks facebook or avoid predators. ok

of the many ways least include 5 methods discussed here:
  1. Facebook phishing
  2. Keylogging
  3. Social engineering
  4. Hack primary email address
  5. With the help of software pirates hack

Facebook phishing
This is the most popular method / way of hacking facebook. I studied various facebook surveys taken on web about hacking facebook. The results of this survey show "Phishing" is the most commonly used method to hack facebook and remember! "Phishing is favorite method of facebook hackers". So beware of phishing facebook. Facebook staff is working hard to avoid phishers Facebook. Phishing not only allows you to hack Facebook but also almost any email account. You should only get the trick used to make a phisher, which i think is very easy. I learned it without any difficulty. But, remember, this is only for the purpose of knowledge. I will not extend this topic here more about Phishing see the article How to hack facebook passwords

This is the second favorite, as only thing you have to do is remotely install a keylogger application (if you do not have physical access to victim computer). Keylogging becomes more easy if you have physical access to victim computer as only thing you have to do is install a keylogger and direct to your destination so that it will send all the records / recorded keystrokes that indicates to the destination. What this does is it records the keystrokes keylogger log file and then you can use the logs to get required Facebook password and thus can hack facebook password. for more information, see the password hacking softwares

Social engineering
This method does not work in the beginning. Even hackers have ignored this way. But in orkut and get gmail password very easily by this method. I think many of you might be knowing how what this social engineering. For newbies, social engineering is method of retrieving password or answer a security question simply be quering with the victim. You should be very careful while using this as victim must not realize your goals. Just ask cautiously using your logic.

Hack primary email address
If Facebook hacker in several ways, hack your google gmail or yahoo account which you use as your primary email address, then the hacker can easily hacking Facebook password using the "forgot password / forgot password" trick. He will only ask Facebook to send password reset email to your primary email address that has been hacked. Thus, your Facebook account password will be reset and your facebook account was hacked too.

So, always remember to hide your primary email address up and try to save an unknown email id or useless / false as your primary email address.

So far, I found these Facebook hacking methods as the best way of working to hack facebook account passwords. I did not invite hacking Facebook or email account, I just wanted to make you aware about Facebook dangers online. I will appreciate your effort if you call other Facebook hacking method.

With the help of software pirates hack
Just by downloading the software pirates hack, maybe you are able to get facebook passwords to others, I am less convinced by this method but perhaps no one ever succeeded, if already downloaded using password: A1B
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