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Good morning all, before I went to the office to become a teacher in secondary vocational schools Affairs. I will now update once a useful article for me and informed me it was all here. The idea of ​​looking atikel about increasing blog traffic is coming because there is a new blog that I received it. I tried compiling this article from the experts that can increase traffic by googling, on Friday, May 28th, 2010 at 3:50 pm, the keyword - tips on increasing blog traffic - (without quotes), generating 333 000 results post, and 4 (four) blog rated first page.

In my opinion, there are two parts to increase blog traffic tips. These sections are the basic stage and advanced stage. I do not mean to split this elementary stage should not be applying these tips in advanced stage, it's just that sometimes some of the terms SEO (search engine optimization) in advanced stages can confuse novice bloggers (like me), so the intention to become a blogger True to be reduced.

Basic StageAt this stage other than it is easier to apply and unfocused (what ya Indonesian language ..). Some things you can do are:

1. Post writing that is being widely discussedWriting topics that are covered in full swing will definitely be much sought after location in the Internet. Observations can be done by searching for the top 10 words jkunci (top keywords), which can be found on serach engines like Google, Yahoo, etc..

2. Blog Walking or visit other blogs and leave comments.There is a sort of unwritten rule in the blogosphere (blogoshpere) that when your blog is visited by other bloggers and leave comments (good quality), then we shall do the same for blog visitors. For this one activity, do not forget to fill out all the forms that are provided mainly address URL (personal blog) so that the owner can visit our blog at another time.

3. Update blog continuously and consistently. Activities include :

• Update text / news articles, get it done once a week (eg every Saturday) or better when less than a week, which is important for easier consistently indexed search engines and blog visitors also know when to visit your blog again . In fact we could write a post just about anything as long as it does not contain SARA problem, that is, not until we did not write the article because we do not feel qualified. We do not know where the paper needed by visitors to the blog, as long as something good writing would be beneficial.

• Reply to comment for each response that goes into our personal blogs. Do not let them (blog visitors) feel neglected, dicuekin, especially heartbroken, because of comments he gave no response at all, because you will regret losing visitors. Keep spare time each day (no need to linger), to monitor our blog. "Reckoning her to learn to be a celebrity .. :)".

4. Make the blogrollCreate a blogroll for bloggers we already know and have visited each other, so that access to the blog in question could be faster.

5. And consistent focus on the theme of the blog that have been chosen from the beginning, so as not to confuse visitors to your blog, and it will also facilitate the search engines mengiindeks blog.

6. Beautify display and blog posts.So that visitors can linger to read on our blog, do not forget to beautify the look of any writing we upload, such as large and small letters, writing format, or can be inserted pictures. For helpful tips can be found at wordpress blog owned by Mr. Fatih Suhud (link).

7. Joining social networking sitesPopular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.. Will allow us to add friends. Place a link on your profile or personal blog elsewhere that allows every social networking account that we have.

8. Join in the forums and mailing listsCurrently, many forums and mailing lists with a variety of themes in cyberspace. Try joining the forums that have the same theme, in addition there is an additional gain knowledge, sharing ideas also traffic from there will come.

9. Learning SEO (search engine optimization)To get traffic from search engines, SEO is absolutely necessary. Deepen abilities to learn SEO content optimization for blogs that fame and has proven his greatness SEO knowledge. Further SEO knowledge are discussed in advanced stages.

For tips on increasing blog traffic so first stage of basic enough, there's tips for advanced stage, but for the moment I can not upload since I also do not quite understand, and have not been applied.Awaited comments from colleagues and believe by doing all the things above consistently, you will be the arrival of many visitors. Get ready to find an assistant ya ..Continued.

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