Devil Code Sam and Max Bundle [Download] Game Coder

Telltale's episodic series carries the torch lit by the original Sam and Max Hit the Road - the puzzles are entertaining, logical, and funny, and the characters and dialogue are, I dare say, LucasArts-worthy. The zany cast of characters Telltale brings to Sam and Max works very well, and fans of the original game, as well as point-and-click adventure games in general, will enjoy these clever, fascinating games.

Windows Vista / XP Steam 

Sam and Max Bundle [Download]

Devil Code Sam and Max Bundle [Download] Game Coder

Really funny game, I not finished all the seasons yet. I recommend to all the adventure games fan. Telltale its a really good publisher. 
A great series. Very funny and entertaining games. Also these ganes can on even the weakest machines. Great compilation overall.  

played Hit the Road when I was a kid and the witty humor and intelligent design of the game blew my mind. Telltale's series keeps the ball rolling through all three seasons of the games. If you are at all a fan of point-and-click games and also like good humor, this series will quickly become one of your favorites! 
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