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Verifying your Technorati claim token is very easy. Here are the steps:
#1 Make a new post
#2 Paste your claim token on the post content
#3 Publish post
#4 Go to your Technorati account and click on “Check Claim”
As a proof, this post was the post I made to verify my blog on Technorati.
My Technorati Claim Token : YAPSSJEUEBZG

Review :
If you haven’t claimed your blog on Technorati yet, then let me explain why you should.
Claiming your blog with Technorati gives you the benefit of being able to link your profile to your blog, this gives you more online promotion & helps with branding. Claiming your blog also allows you to add tags (keywords) and a short description to your blog, this obviously helps by making it easier for people to find your blog in directory searches.

How To Claim Your Blog

Claiming your blog on Technorati is a fairly straight forward process, simply register for a free account with Technorati, or if you already have an account then login.
Clicking on your username will now take you to your profile page, simply fill in the relevant details and as you reach the bottom of the page, you will notice the button to claim your blog. Remember to update the info for your profile before attempting to click this button or your likely to lose what you have just typed in.
After updating your profile, check that all the information is correct & then scroll down the page to the ” Claim Blog ” button. Clicking this button will now access a page in which you enter your blog details, descrption & tags, when entering tags please bear in mind that these should be made up of 1 or 2 words & not phrases as you may do with keywords. Also try to use the most relevant words for your blog, this means that when someone finds your blog it is more likely to be exactly what they are searching for. Using high search terms that are not really relevant, is only going to push your bounce rate up.
Note: When entering your blogs RSS feed details, I would suggest that you use your blogs default feed address & not a feedburner address. This simply makes the verification process a little quicker as it can take feedburner several hours to update your feed.

Claim Verification Process

Having completed the details for your blog simply click the button “Claim Blog” you will then be given a verification number similar to this one “ SACCKM928VF5 “
This number now needs to be added to a new post, the post then automatically gets added to your RSS feed & this is where Technorati now checks for the verification code. I am aware that there are several articles on the Internet that say you can add this verification code to your sidebar? This may well have been the case in the past, but Technorati has recently undergone a major update of it’s site & it appears this method has now been scrapped, the only method now available is via your RSS feed.
Once your verification code or the article you have added it to, appears in your RSS feed, simply log back into Technorati, click on your username again & at the bottom of the page click on ” Check Claim “. If all goes well you should get a message stating that verification was successful & that your blog is now awaiting review.
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